Getting Our Sense in Sync: Sensory Processing Disorder

Does your child like to spin or swing excessively? Perhaps he bumps into furniture frequently? Or complains of loud noises or avoids certain foods? Does your child tantrum simply when you try to brush her hair? Many children who experience early deprivation overreact or underreact to certain stimuli. Watch this webinar and learn how to help your child's world come more into balance. Presented by WACAP's former Vice President Social Services, Maryann Curran. 35 min. Registration fee: $20.


Apr. 25, 19

—Travis is a laid-back kid who effortlessly brightens up a room. He's a very loving child who enjoys being around his favorite people. Travis has a lot of people in his life who... Learn more

Feb. 26, 19

—Imani is a sweet girl who brightens up every room, and is always ready to give a big hug to her loved ones. One of her very favorite things to do is to go for a nice car ride. Imani likes being in charge of... Learn more