Families who do not live in Washington or Oregon, but who are having their homestudy performed by WACAP are required to complete WACAP's online Hague package adoption training. If you are using a different agency to perform your homestudy, we also encourage you to take advantage of our high quality, affordable on-line adoption training.  (12 hours)

Includes the following 14 Webinars:

A Sort of Life
This webinar discusses the effects on children who have spent a good deal of their lives in an institutional setting. This presentation will help you gain a better understanding of how to ease your child's transition to family life. 
Attachment: It Takes Two
Watch this webinar and learn practical ways to help your child build secure attachment. 
Grief and Loss in Adoption 
Adoption is a wonderful way of providing a family for a child, but families must always remember that every adoption begins in grief and loss, and every adoptee feels that grief and loss at different times in their lives. Watch this webinar to learn how to support your child and help him/her work to resolve this lifelong adoption issue, consequently strengthening your bond with your child.
Making Sense of Your Child's Background Information
After what seems like forever you have finally received your child's referral information. What now? Maybe the information on your child seems sparse and confusing -- and the medical report leaves you with questions instead of answers. Watch this webinar and learn how you might better acquaint yourself with your child on paper and in person. 
Understanding and Healing the Hurt Child
Too many children in need of adoption have experienced some form of neglect or abuse. These children need parents who can help them make sense of past events. This webinar will provide valuable information on risks associated with child abuse and neglect, as well as ways you can help your child heal.
Getting Our Sense in Sync: Sensory Processing Disorder
Does your child like to spin or swing excessively? Perhaps he bumps into furniture frequently? Or complains of loud noises or avoids certain foods? Does your child tantrum simply when you try to brush her hair? Many children who experience early deprivation overreact or underreact to certain stimuli. Watch this webinar and learn how to help your child's world come more into balance. 
Becoming a Multiracial Family: Helping Your Child Form a Healthy Sense of Identity
As a parent who may be a different ethnicity than your adopted child, do you recognize the challenges of growing up an ethnic minority? Help your child learn strategies for dealing with stereotyping, self-image and identity issues.

The Power and Problems of Food
This enrichment class discusses issues such as hoarding/gorging on food, eating everything - or refusing to eat anything. Many adopted children reveal their anxieties and their early history by their behaviors around food. This webinar will describe some strategies for dealing with some common behaviors as well as how to use food as a tool for building attachment.

Taming Tantrums
Often the only way a newly adopted child can express himself, regardless of age, is by a tantrum. This webinar offers families help in understanding, living with, managing and eventually extinguishing these outbursts.
Discipline Coaching for Connection
Frequently, traditional discipline methods are not as effective with children who have been adopted and have experienced disruptions in their attachment cycle. In this webinar you will learn ways to modify your adopted child's behavior by becoming their coach as well as their parent (techniques appropriate for a children ages 3-10 years). 

Preparing Your Extended Family for Adoption
Grandparents play a vital role in your child's life. You have hours and hours of adoption related training but what about the rest of your family? What should you share and how best do you pass on the important information you now possess with the people who will likely be closest to your child after you? 
The Role of Adoption in the Classroom
This WACAP webinar will give you a heads start on helping your child succeed in school. 
Post Placement & Finalization 
This webinar offers valuable information for every adoptive family. Some of the topics covered are: how and why to finalize an adoption; steps needed to obtain official documents for your child; why full documentation is especially important today; and the services WACAP offers to support families post-adoption.

Parenting the Adopted Teen
This WACAP enrichment class provides tips for understanding the dynamics of teens and adoption-particularly in terms of that little one you adopted who is now a teen. Adoption is an especially powerful concept during the teen years. Watch this webinar to discover what many teens think of their adoptions and how you can help through an often intense time.


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