Waiting Children

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The pictures and profiles of many currently waiting children from Africa, Asia, Europe and the United States are featured here. We are unable to feature some children on this website. For information about children waiting in India and Thailand, please contact our Family Finders team.

WACAP also has access to the descriptions of over 1,500 waiting children on the cross-referred, CCCWA Shared List for China, which shows each child's gender, date of birth, individual need, and length of time on the list. Please let us know if you would like more information about children on this list by emailing ckids@WACAP.org or call our office to learn more. The list is updated regularly. If you are interested in a child with mild special needs, we suggest you apply and complete a dossier first to be matched successfully.

WACAP requests that you abide by the confidentiality policies of the foreign countries and agencies we work with. Printing, copying, or distributing any of the child information you find on this website is strictly prohibited. The username and password should not be distributed - we ask that all inquiring families e-mail Family Finders or call 206-575-4550 or 1-800-732-1887 for this information.



“We feel like we are a living advertisement for WACAP's waiting children. Our kids are so awesome and everyone wants to hear their story.”—Jill