Finding Homes for Children in Korea

WACAP placed its first child from Korea with a U.S. family in 1979, and since then WACAP has united over 2,000 children from Korea with their adoptive families. Since 1956, Holt International has united thousands of children from South Korea with loving adoptive families in the U.S. Our legacy began in the wake of the Korean War when our founders, Harry and Bertha Holt, urged Congress to pass a special act allowing them to adopt eight Korean children. The Holts established the first international adoption program in Korea. And today, Holt continues to seek loving adoptive families for children in Korea who truly need them.

Adopting From Korea with Holt International

We pioneered international adoption 60 years ago and we remain the leaders today, uniting families with children who truly need them. We stand by adoptees and their families for their entire lives — providing world-class care to children waiting to come home, as well as resources, education tools, and support to families and adult adoptees. You can rest assured that we are doing adoption the right way.

If you’re in the process of an adoption with WACAP, you’ll continue to work with a WACAP case manager as you move forward.

If you’re inquiring about adopting from Korea after February 7, you can learn more about WACAP’s merge with Holt International and about adopting from Korea below.

Holt International Contact Information

1-888-355-HOLT (4658) |


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