If you’re inquiring about adopting from India: Holt International is not currently licensed for adoptions from India. The newly merged WACAP and Holt International entity will not be able to assist with adoptions from India at this time.

Existing WACAP families who are scheduled to finalize adoptions prior to March 31st will likely finish their adoption through WACAP. Other families in our India program will either transfer to another ASP (Adoption Service Provider), or transition to another country program, with support from your WACAP case manager. Our India team is sending out individualized emails to each family including next steps and options to consider.

WACAP's Merge With Holt International


Jan. 2, 18

—Jessa is a curious child with a fun sense of humor. She really enjoys being outdoors, so obviously NW Trek is one of her favorite places to visit. Jessa also loves animals and enjoys caring for them. She currently helps to look after a... Learn more

Dec. 2, 18

—Joey is a delightful kid with tons of interests, including dinosaurs, science, and playing the piano. Building with Legos is among his favorite things to do, along with racing... Learn more

“We have been very pleased with WACAP. The U.S. staff and the team abroad are phenomenal! Thank you for bringing our son home!” ~ The Powell family