Waiting Children

About Individual Needs

With respect to adoption, “special needs” is frequently used to describe the specific needs a child may have. These needs may be related to a child’s age, health, background, or development; or may be related to a child having siblings that are in need of adoption as well.

Are you considering adopting a child with individual needs? Begin your research. You will find various children's health support groups online as well as information about specific medical conditions. For additional information, we suggest looking at RainbowKids.com, the Dave Thomas Foundation, both of which are excellent resources. 

The United Healthcare Children's Foundation provides financial assistance for families to cover their children's healthcare expenses. Find out whether you're eligible to apply for a grant. - Financial assistance

WACAP is unable to endorse any company, organization, or product that is listed on external sites - or to verify the accuracy of information provided by these sources. Rather, WACAP encourages families to discuss all medical information obtained from any source with their health care providers.

Please contact WACAP's Family Finders department department if you would like to speak with a parent who has adopted an older child or a child with a specific medical or developmental need. If you are considering adopting a child with a certain condition, you might find it helpful to speak with an experienced family who has already adopted a child with the same condition. WACAP is happy to provide this resource to you.


Jan. 2, 18

—Jessa is a curious child with a fun sense of humor. She really enjoys being outdoors, so obviously NW Trek is one of her favorite places to visit. Jessa also loves animals and enjoys caring for them. She currently helps to look after a... Learn more

Dec. 2, 18

—Joey is a delightful kid with tons of interests, including dinosaurs, science, and playing the piano. Building with Legos is among his favorite things to do, along with racing... Learn more

“Our hearts are drawn to children with special needs, and we look forward to reviewing the WACAP Waiting Child webpage in hopes that we may find our next child pictured there!” ~ Valerie