U.S. Foster Children

A Family for Me, WACAP partners with KING-5 Seattle

Across Washington State, more than 3,200 kids live in foster care while they wait for permanent families. They are legally free for adoption, and they need families to love them forever. WACAP’s nationally recognized project, A Family for Me, introduces you to kids who need what every kid should have: a loving home.

In cooperation with Yuen Lui Photography Studio and partnership with KING 5 News in Seattle, A Family for Me produces TV segments which focus on foster kids; particularly those who are older, have special needs, or are part of a sibling group. Hosted by Joyce Taylor, these segments profile children from around the Puget Sound region. As kids are introduced, we'll add their videos to this page. Meet waiting kids below and hear what they have to say. 

Meet Some Resilient, Hopeful, Waiting Kids 

You can learn more about these children by reading their profiles on the following pages:

A Family for Me Kids A-C
A Family for Me Kids D-I
A Family for Me Kids I-K
A Family for Me Kids L-Z

In addition to children featured on A Family for Me, WACAP's U.S. Kids staff has information on hundreds of other children in foster care who need homes.

Finding Families!

WACAP’s A Family for Me program has featured over 150 children and so far, 100 of those kids have found their families. You can help fund WACAP's advocacy efforts by making a donation today. Our program is focused on giving these kids a great experience, tailored to their interests and individuality. We provide each one of them with a wonderful memory and the opportunity to share who they are, what makes them happy, the challenges they face, and their dreams for a family and their future.

Thank You!

A Family for Me is part of a team effort and we would like to thank the following folks:

  • Yuen Lui Studio, which donates photo sessions for all of the foster kids we feature and whose staff genuinely takes the time to make them feel special. 
  • The many businesses, organizations, and individuals that have been willing to share their venues, skills, and talents. They have provided unique and fun opportunities, to help the kids explore their diverse interests and bring out their inspiring personalities. 
  • The caseworkers, foster parents, advocates, and care workers who have helped us coordinate schedules and transportation, so we can meet and get to know the kids. 
  • Our videographers who twist, turn, climb, run, and go-with-the-flow to capture these intriguing and active young people. 
  • The parents who opened up their hearts and became the families for over 100 kids in our program, giving them the love they always wanted and deserved.
  • And of course, King5 News for putting together sweet and powerful segments that highlight these amazing kids. They help us educate viewers about adoption and introduce families to each child.


Jan. 2, 18

—Jessa is a curious child with a fun sense of humor. She really enjoys being outdoors, so obviously NW Trek is one of her favorite places to visit. Jessa also loves animals and enjoys caring for them. She currently helps to look after a... Learn more

Dec. 2, 18

—Joey is a delightful kid with tons of interests, including dinosaurs, science, and playing the piano. Building with Legos is among his favorite things to do, along with racing... Learn more

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