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Davonte is a great guy to have on your team. He possesses positive energy and natural leadership skills, and he is often the first person to help his friends and peers. He’s supportive in any situation and will jump at the chance to voluntarily coach and assist other kids with games or sports. He’s very athletic and doesn’t mind lending his expertise and talent to help someone else.

Davonte is a very friendly person with an amazing smile to match his kind heart. If a friend or peer is having a hard time, he can be counted on to lend a helping hand. He’ll offer encouragement, strength, or a good joke to make everyone around him feel better. Davonte has a very good sense of humor, and the kind of spirit that lifts everyone up.

Great at expressing himself, Davonte makes those around him feel valued and appreciated. He tells his friends why he enjoys spending time with them and will effortlessly express his appreciation by detailing the ways in which they are a good friend to him. When Davonte feels cared for, he will let you know.

A very athletic boy, Davonte especially likes playing football and basketball. When he isn’t playing sports or spending time outside, Davonte is really great at sticking to his daily routine which includes playing with puzzles, marbles, and board games. Davonte really appreciates a clean and organized area, so besides his clear dedication to puzzles, with pieces scattered about the floor, it is a priority to him to keep his space neat and tidy.

In school, Davonte is eager to learn and does well with one-on-one time with his teacher. He is conscientious and takes his time to learn new information and retain new concepts. Davonte likes school and has a lot of good days. He thrives on structure; the familiarity of school and his routine in the classroom is a positive in his life. Over the past few months, Davonte’s attention and ability to learn has increased considerably.

Even outside of the classroom, Davonte thrives with routine. He appreciates knowing what will happen the next day, and really likes to be informed if anything will change or is out of the ordinary. Patience and clarity are important to Davonte and help him to feel comfortable and secure.

Davonte would really like to be adopted by a patient and loving family. He currently visits with his two biological siblings and would appreciate a family who can help nurture and support those bonds throughout his life. Davonte would do well with a family who also enjoys playing sports, spending time outside, and who will provide him with consistency and structure. Davonte is goofy, playful, social, and kind. Anyone would be lucky to have Davonte as a part of their family.

To learn more about Davonte, watch his video clip.


Evan is a helpful, affectionate boy! He loves to give hugs and help around the house. His foster mom loves his silly laugh. Playing outdoors, riding his bike, jumping on the trampoline, and maneuvering his dump trucks and cars are among his favorite things to do. Evan tends to move from one activity to another, so he may quickly go from looking at books, to entertaining himself with Angry Birds, then on to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

At school, Evan’s teachers notice how much he wants to be a helper and how much he enjoys one-on-one attention. He is supported by an IEP and spends time in both a self-contained and a regular special education classroom. His academic and social skills are about 1-2 years behind his peers. Evan’s teacher states that, “He is desperate to be loved and to please – he would do anything I ask him to do and tries very hard for me.” 

Upon first meeting Evan, folks notice how sweet he is. They may also pick up on some of his delays and notice his speech. He can sit and carry on a conversation but may provide responses that aren’t related to what is actually being discussed. He really likes to talk though, and he asks lots of questions. 

Evan needs a family who understands how to nurture and support him, and provide him opportunities for challenge and success. Some of Evan’s specific challenges are related to understanding action and consequence combined with a high level of impulsivity. Evan’s team believes he would do best in a two-parent family because of the amount of redirection and supervision he needs, although single parents are welcome to inquire too! Any family configuration will need a strong support system. Evan loves one-on-one attention but would be okay with older kids who are able to understand why Evan struggles in certain areas. Evan is a sincere, fun-loving kid with a good heart.


Imani is a sweet girl who brightens up every room, and is always ready to give a big hug to her loved ones. One of her very favorite things to do is to go for a nice car ride. Imani likes being in charge of putting on her own seatbelt and is really calmed by the journey. She also loves riding the school bus! Imani enjoys being in school and is motivated by the classroom environment. She likes to learn and is encouraged by her teachers and mentors. She has also made incredible progress over the past year.

Imani gets along very well with other kids–another reason she enjoys going to school. She has a big heart and other children are drawn to that. When she isn’t in the classroom or enjoying a relaxing car ride, running around and playing at a park is also a great experience for her. The combination of fresh air, a chance to meet other kids, and just generally having a good time is really important for Imani’s well-being.

Recently, Imani has made a lot of progress in her independence. She relies on the care of adults in her life, but she has learned how to tackle some daily habits on her own. One of her favorite things to be responsible for is getting herself ready for the school day. Imani gets her backpack on, zips her coat up, and gets on the bus. Her teacher says when Imani arrives in the classroom, she hangs up her coat and knows exactly what to do to begin the day. 

Imani would do very well in a family who has a lot of love and experience in parenting. She would likely do best in a family with no other children, in order for her to receive the kind of quality attention and care she thrives from. A family with patience, love, and the ability to provide guidance to Imani would be a great fit. Imani also has a nice relationship with her biological sister. A family who is open to nourishing that bond would be appreciated.


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