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Leroy has a team of people around him who just adore this affectionate little boy. “LJ”, as he is fondly known, loves the nurturing adults in his life. At home, he especially likes to play with toy cars and trucks, and any toy that has sound effects! Making trips to the park and playground are some of LJ’s favorite outdoor activities. 

Now in the 2nd grade, and in the Life Skills program at school, LJ really lights up during music time. And he has made exceptional academic progress! He can now sign and say every letter of the alphabet when they are presented to him on flash cards. He can also identify colors and sign several of them, and he is able to sight read some words. In addition, LJ has made huge behavioral gains at school. He is much calmer and better able to focus. 

Folks who are knowledgeable and experienced with children who have delays in their communication abilities and social skills, would be a great fit for LJ. He needs a single parent or a couple who wants the opportunity to help LJ realize his full potential, and who has the necessary skills and knowledge to address his special needs. LJ is a delightful little boy who will be a joyful addition to a warm, supportive family who wants to love and nurture him.

To learn more about Leroy, watch his video clip.


Lisa is a wonderful teenager who is full of life and has a fun sense of humor! She can be shy at first, but once she gets to know you, she opens up and is a delight to be around. Friendly and caring, Lisa is particularly good with young children and enjoys socializing with friends.  

Lisa likes to make crafts and watch movies, but she loves baking (especially cupcakes). She would like to open a bake shop, when she becomes an adult. Sometimes, Lisa needs encouragement to try new experiences, but once she does, she usually really enjoys new activities. 

With a great love of music, Lisa loves enjoys listening to the radio and seeing live concerts. She has been able to see Carrie Underwood perform twice! But right now, she is most devoted to the music of Justin Beiber! 

Lisa has been doing really well in school, where she has been earning mostly A’s and B’s. Currently in the 10th grade, Lisa likes Math, PE, and hanging out with her friends at school. In the past, Lisa also has had fun being involved in drama, as well as participating in cheerleading.  

Lisa remains close to her younger sister who lives out-of-state. The girls have been able to remain in contact by phone and on occasion Lisa has been able to visit her in person. It will be important for Lisa’s forever family to embrace this relationship, and also help her stay connected with family members in Washington. 

Lisa would love to be a part of a two-parent home with other children and pet cats or kittens. She would like to be a part of a family that enjoys playing games and doing arts and crafts. Lisa tends to be happy staying at home, but she needs a family that will help her try new things and stay active. Lisa’s social worker is especially looking forward to talking with families who would be able to provide her with consistency, as well as lots of nurturing and encouragement.

To learn more about Lisa, watch her video clip.


Logan is a loving boy who welcomes hugs. He loves to be involved in family activities and to have lots of parental time and attention. He enjoys family pets and especially loves having his own dog. Logan and “Angel”, are great buddies and Logan likes being responsible for his care. He also enjoys video games, building with Mega Bloks, and playing a good game of tag at school. 

Logan is resilient and has already overcome a lot of challenges and loss. While a bit younger than his chronological age in his emotional development, he continues to grow and develop now that he is in a stable home with safe, nurturing caregivers. Logan receives 1:1 instruction at school, which is helpful as he works through attention difficulties and restless energy. His interest in electronics and technology is motivating him to improve his reading skills. He will need his family to be strong educational and counseling advocates. A predictable daily routine, low-key environment, and a caring adult nearby are keys to helping Logan do well.

Logan’s social worker is interested in talking with nurturing couples and single parents. A family that has a good understanding of how early trauma can impact a child’s sense of well-being and emotional development would be a good fit Logan. He will benefit from having a family that will allow him the time to trust and form attachments, while providing the encouragement, support and praise he needs to continue to grow in healthy ways. Logan has a strong bond with his sister, Grace, and will need to maintain a relationship with her and his other siblings. Because of these important family ties, Logan’s caseworker would like to hear from families in Washington state.

To learn more about Logan, watch his video clip.


Maddoxx is an expressive boy, who loves his iPad, hanging out with other people, and learning new skills. Often described as a “little rascal” because of his good-nature and sense of humor, he is generally loved by everyone he encounters. Watching TV and short videos on his iPad is definitely among Maddoxx’s favorite things to do, though playing games like Angry Birds is a close second. He also loves bugs, and finds them fascinating!
Often caught with a smile on his face, Maddoxx is drawn to fresh air and sunlight, and the outside world is clearly important to him. When riding in the car, he prefers the window down, so he can feel the fresh breeze on his face. Maddoxx continues to develop his physical skills and he is starting to learn how to stand and use a walker, though his wheelchair is his main form of transportation. While at home, Maddoxx enjoys playing on the floor, occasionally crawling or using his walker. Recently, solid foods have been added into Maddox’s diet. Though it is a careful process, he is enjoying learning a bit more about what he is able to eat.
Maddoxx adores learning and really thrives in school. With an iPad and other tools, he is actively working on his communication skills. In and outside of school, Maddoxx is able to communicate through his iPad, while he is also learning some basic sign language. Maddoxx is able to demonstrate matching skills with colors, letters, numbers, and shapes, and is enthusiastic about learning new things. His teachers describe him as “very social” and notes that he loves to be around his peers. He laughs loudly, and often, when around other kids and he is very expressive with his emotions. He will cry when he doesn’t feel good or when he is sad. He is also able to express frustration when he wants attention or does not want to do a task. It will be important for his adoptive parents to continue to support Maddoxx on honing and increasing his expressive abilities.
Maddoxx requires full-time care and has made great progress in his daily life. We would love to find a family who can make a commitment to Maddoxx’s care and who will provide him with the services and resources that will help him to reach his full potential. Maddoxx will do best with a family that is calm, patient, and nurturing, and knows how to use positive parenting skills and good humor. Maddoxx also has a relationship with a significant relative and would like to maintain that bond.

To learn more about Maddoxx, watch his video clip.

At his best when he is active, Malachi loves riding his bike and being outdoors. He also likes to help around the home with chores like sweeping, mopping, doing laundry and making his own sandwiches. And when he is struggling to focus, Play-Doh is a great way to capture his interest and creativity.

Malachi enjoys riding the bus to school and does well in the morning. He struggles behaviorally in the afternoon and is sensitive to overstimulation, particularly electronics. He is receiving therapy for sensory, sleep and behavioral issues. And he gets additional support with school work and speech. 

Great with teens, babies and pets, Malachi is very caring and concerned about little ones. His biggest struggles are with kids the same age, where he competes for attention and his difficulties in communication can make relationship building a challenge. Transitions can be hard for Malachi as well, so regular schedules and routines are very helpful for him.  

An ideal family for Malachi will know how to pick their battles and have an understanding of how trauma, grief and loss can affect a child with developmental delays.  Because of Malachi’s struggles with sleep at night and behavior in the afternoon, he would benefit from a two-parent home with a parent that can be home after his school day ends.


Mickee is a very cute boy, with a dynamite smile and great laugh. Although not usually demonstrative, he often gives his caregivers hugs. Mickee tends to enjoy being around adults more than children. He is very connected to his foster mom and really likes playing with his foster dad. Some of Mickee’s favorite activities are watching cartoons and playing on his tablet. While most toys don’t engage his interest, he likes remote control toy cars. 

While Mickee is in a specialized class at school, he is doing well in his school work. He has delays which interfere with his social, emotional, adaptive behavior, communication, and cognitive competence. Mickee does best when he has highly structured, consistent environments at home and at school and caregivers and teachers who speak in simple, concrete words and give one-step instructions.

Fortunately, there are various child and family resources to assist Mickee’s family in parenting and teaching him. Mickee’s social worker will be happy to help Mickee’s family identify such educational and developmental resources in their community. Currently, Mickee is benefiting from his participation in speech and occupational therapies, as well as his specialized educational program.

Mickee can sometimes have difficulty making eye contact which can make it hard to pick up on social cues. There can be a lack of reciprocity, and preference for parallel or independent play instead of engaging with other kids. Mickee has difficulty with transitions and long car trips too are challenging for him as well. But having an attentive, caring adult nearby helps to keep him on track.

Mickee’s social worker especially wants to talk with couples and single moms and dads who want to be his growing up family and who can provide the opportunities to help him reach his full potential. An especially good fit would be parent(s) who are knowledgeable about special educational resources. His care team is looking for a family with the willingness to reach out to Mickee with patience, kindness, and love.

To learn more about Mickee, watch his video clip.


Sean is caring, empathetic, and looks out for his peers. He is a big-hearted young man who is very well-liked! Engaging and friendly, Sean enjoys joking around. He also likes to show off his artistic skills through drawing and coloring, and even through writing. He loves animals (especially dogs), and one day would like to be a zookeeper. His love of animals first started when he saw the movie, The Lion King. Sean continues to enjoy movies. He also likes to play board games and go to the library.
Developmentally, Sean is much younger than his chronological age, but he is benefiting from school and counseling resources. He is increasing his social skills and communication techniques, and developing healthy coping behaviors to better manage attention difficulties and lessen impulsiveness and feelings of stress. Sean is most successful when he has a caring adult nearby to supervise and give him verbal cues to assist him in following directions and engage in social interactions. His ability to be redirected is a strength at school and at home.
Sean needs a family that has experience with kids who are concrete thinkers and who do not readily grasp social cues and nuanced behavior. Sean’s case manager reports that he continues to make steady progress, and is more open to processing his thoughts and feelings. Working on art projects, and creating with Play-Doh, are ways that help him to work through his feelings.
Sean loves school! He knows the name of each student in his classroom, and says that he is friends with everyone. While art is his absolute favorite class, he likes all kinds of subjects. At the end of the last year, Sean was proud to receive an award for Academic Achievement and Citizenship. Sean was also chosen as one of five students to represent his peers at his school’s groundbreaking ceremony! Sean’s teacher called him a “Rock Star.”
Recently Sean mentioned to his caseworker that he hopes the family that adopts him has a mom, dad, brother, sister, and uncle (in other words, a big extended family!). He wants his family to like dogs, to enjoy taking care of animals, and it would be great if they lived near a zoo! Of course, he also would be excited if his adoptive family enjoyed electronics and games.

A committed family, with a parent(s) experienced with children with Sean’s needs, will be a wonderful fit. Sean will likely need lifelong advocacy and support from his adoptive family. Providing Sean with good structure, routine, and clear expectations and limits will help him feel most secure. 

To learn more about Sean, watch his video clip.


Seth is a talkative, friendly and energetic teen. He has a great sense of humor and enjoys chatting with adults. He likes to play video games and read. But he’s also a sports guy, who enjoys playing football and basketball. An outdoorsman, Seth loves getting outside to fish and having the opportunity to spend time around horses.
At school, his teachers report that Seth is engaged in class and interested in learning. Seth says he enjoys school and is getting mostly A’s. While social interactions in the classroom can be difficult for him, he is able to deal with disappointment and frustration well. Along with regular classes, Seth has participated in social skills training. His favorite class, though, is PE, especially when it involved an archery unit!

Seth is participating in therapeutic services to develop strategies to help him learn coping skills, in dealing with feelings of stress and frustration. Seth needs support, too, in addressing his receptive-expressive language and articulation issues.
Seth was born with a heart defect and continues to have regular appointments with a cardiologist. He also has some food restrictions and is not able to have caffeine or chocolate. Seth’s social worker would like to hear from couples and single parents who truly enjoy young teenagers, and who will support Seth’s ongoing therapeutic needs. Having a good repertoire of behavioral tools and strategies, and positive parenting skills, will help Seth settle into his new family and home.

To learn more about Seth, watch his video clip. 


If you meet Shymaar, you’ll not only find her to be polite and articulate, but also thoughtful, engaging and creative. Her sense of humor and genuine interest in connecting and caring for others shine through in all she does. This 14-year-old welcomes activities of all kinds … and she enjoys them. Reading, drawing, writing, shopping, swimming, cooking, being outside, playing trumpet and listening to music are just some of the things in her repertoire. While Shymaar has experienced a lot of ups and downs, she is in a good place right now and has experienced a lot of growth in the way she expresses herself.

Shymaar needs a parent or parents who are ready to support all expressions of her identity and who can provide firm boundaries and clear and fair consequences. A family who brings a good sense of humor in addition to being able to respond calmly, with respect and with willingness to compromise is important to Shymaar. 

In addition to her other activities, Shymaar loves animals, family outings, watching movies, and spending time on the computer. She wants nothing more than to belong to a family. This bright young teen is looking for a parent or parents who look forward to talking about events of the day or things in the past and who want spend time lots of family time together.


Tammy is friendly and social. She enjoys spending time with friends, doing each other’s hair and nails, going out to Starbucks, and eating burgers. She’s an artistic teen who designs and creates lovely bracelets and she likes to draw. Tammy’s favorite books are Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, and the Percy Jackson series. She loves Disney movies and her favorite video game is Just Dance. She’s a good dancer and enjoys the music of Taylor Swift and One Direction. For some time, Tammy attended church regularly, was a member of her youth group, and enjoyed Saturday night youth events. She has attended both church camps and summer camps and has gotten along well with her counselors. At school, teachers describe her as a good student and very sweet. We’re looking for an experienced adoptive family for Tami, who will stick with her and make sure she receives the support and therapy she needs.


Tre-Lyn is an adorable little boy with a sweet, engaging smile. He enjoys interacting with his caregivers and support team, and loves being around other children. While Tre-Lyn is nonverbal, he makes different sounds to connect with others. He loves to be cuddled and is very responsive to his foster mom. Familiar sounds, like the voices of his favorite people and fun music, bring him a lot of joy.

Tre-Lyn’s vision is impaired and he sees mostly shapes and outlines. Fortunately, his hearing is very good. At this time, he does not walk, but his support team thinks he is close to crawling. Tre-lyn’s team of providers is delighted with the substantial progress that has been achieved in addressing and managing his multi-layered medical and developmental issues. 

A daily routine seems to meet Tre-Lyn’s needs nicely. He loves attention, especially gentle tickling. Bath time is a favorite part of his day. He now has a bathing chair, which makes bathing him and washing his hair easier and more comfortable for him. Tre-lyn continues to be fed through a tube.

Tre-lyn is transported by bus to and from his school. Due to his vision and lack of mobility, last year physical therapy was the bulk of his school program. This year, Tre-Lyn is in a 1st grade program where the goals are to promote his growth and development in adaptive functioning, social/emotional skills, cognition, gross and fine motor skills, and communication. He goes to school 6 hours a day.

Tre-lyn’s social worker is open to families that have a strong support system of family and friends. Parents need to be experienced with special needs and live near a hospital. While some medical background would be a plus, couples and single parents who do not have such experience will be trained in meeting Tre-lyn’s daily routine and handling any emergency that may occur. It will be very important for Tre-lyn’s parent(s) to be able to work in concert with his treatment team, to schedule appointments with his various treatment team members, and to see that he is at each appointment. 

To learn more about Tre-lyn, watch his video clip.

Vashanti is bright, funny, caring, and loving. With her great sense of humor, she has lots of fun joking around and describes herself as “hilarious!” A natural athlete who loves the water, Vashanti is an excellent swimmer. She also brings a lot of enthusiasm to playing baseball, basketball, and soccer. Her passion, though, is dancing and performing with dance groups; she’s studying both tap and African dance. With an eye on the future, Vashanti says she looks forward to being a cheerleader once she’s in high school.  

Vashanti loves attention from the caring adults around her and is responsive to hugs and affection. She feels most secure and safe when she has a high level of structure and consistency, which allows her to be more attentive and focused. In school, she is working on boosting her self-confidence and academic capabilities. She benefits from having supports in place to assist her in identifying her strengths and to encourage her to ask for help when it’s needed.  

It is expected that Vashanti will thrive in an adoptive family where parents are readily and consistently available and willing to dedicate the time and effort needed for her growth and development. She benefits from the attention and affection of kind, calm, patient caregivers. 

Vashanti’s social worker is looking forward to hearing from experienced couples and single moms who will bring behavioral strategies and positive parenting skills, to encourage her to realize her full potential. Vashanti will do best as the only child or the youngest of much older siblings. Her social worker is looking for families living in Washington state.


Venjamin is an adorable boy who has touched the hearts of caregivers, teachers and his treatment team of specialists. These supportive folks are helping Venjamin develop skills to help manage his special needs, which are due to autism. A very consistent daily routine and gluten-free diet are the basic and crucial components in helping Venjamin have a successful day. He also participates in several different therapies to help him learn basic life skills. His foster mom says that Venjamin is a sweet boy who deserves the best out of life from caring, committed parent(s) who will see that he has the services and resources to help him reach his full potential.

Venjamin loves to watch PBS educational shows, play in a fenced yard or playground, and color. Venjamin is most content when playing by himself. A favorite pastime is manipulating small objects, such as his small toy cars. While he does not play with other children, for the most part, he tolerates their presence. He does need to have a caring adult nearby to help him get back on track, when he gets stressed or frustrated. Venjamin, who is extremely observant and outgoing, does very well with redirection and praise.

During the school year, Venjamin attends a self-contained special education program. His IEP provides occupational therapy, physical therapy for motor skills, communication therapy for sign language, and special supports in adaptive, behavioral, basic living and social skills. Venjamin is able to understand and use a little sign language. He is working on his speech, which is difficult to understand. Venjamin currently qualifies for 27 hours of monthly case aid assistance through the DDA.

Venjamin’s social worker wants to talk with all families, single parents and couples, who have the experience and skills to meet his needs, and who live in a community with the appropriate educational and developmental resources nearby. He needs a family that can provide lots of love, one-on-one attention and support for his special needs as he grows and into adulthood.

To learn more about Venjamin, watch his video clip.


Zerendity, (who also goes by “Z”), would love to be part of a forever family that enjoys camping, making s’mores, and listening to music. She would also like parents with a good sense of humor. She is an engaging teen who dreams of permanency in a warm, nurturing home. 
A natural around animals, Z is very comfortable in rural surroundings. She hopes to volunteer at an animal shelter or participate in similar community involvement. She enjoys many different activities, such as swimming, baking, reading, riding her bike, playing football, singing, and hanging out with friends. Z loves to help others and makes an effort to be polite and well-mannered. She does admit to sometimes being shy when she meets new people.
Having recently reconnecting with her two brothers, it will be important for her adoptive family to be supportive of maintaining these important connections. But she is willing to live anywhere, since she is able to stay in contact over the Web.
Z would love a family with a single mom, two moms, or a mom and dad. She would do well as an only child. She is interested in meeting families where she will feel supported and safe, while she continues working on her self-development and letting go of past experiences. Zerendity has a lot to bring to a family, and she has many strengths and interests to encourage and build upon.

To learn more about Zerendity, watch her video clip.


Jan 7, 17

—Maddoxx is an expressive boy, who loves his iPad, hanging out with other people, and learning new skills. Often described as a “little rascal” because of his good-nature and sense of humor, he is generally loved by everyone he encounters. Learn more

“We intend to use your organization to assist us in adopting a Waiting Child. We have enjoyed your professionalism and the lengths you go to to help adoption be affordable.” ~ Matthew & Melissa

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