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Joel is a charming, often playful young boy with a wonderful smile and a love of being silly. Joel is very attached to his caregivers at the pediatric medical residential center where he lives. He loves to be held, tickled, and chased. Joel is very attached to his iPad, it’s among his very favorite playthings. He is also very fond of Elmo!

Joel was born with multiple complex medical issues, including a genetic condition. Joel’s daily life is impacted in many ways due to his medical issues and his repeated risk for infection. Joel has a feeding tube and is unable to eat or drink by mouth. He has very limited eye sight and is extremely photosensitive, whether inside or outside. Joel has limited ability to speak and communicates primarily through grunts and hand gestures.

Despite all of his limitations, Joel appears to have a good quality of life. He does very well socializing with staff and other kids. It is very clear that despite Joel's inability to speak, he understands most of what is being said to him and responds to requests and direction. 

Joel seems to vacillate between being rather lethargic (probably when he’s not feeling that great) to being very energetic and wanting to run around, laughing and being a bit mischievous. When he is lethargic, likes to be held and snuggled. Joel can be a bit of a handful when he is in active mode, but it is great to see him feeling good.

Joel is doing very well with his gross motor skills and is an "emerging symbolic communicator.” He uses one sign at a time to communicate needs/wants in a few specific situations. He understands routines and has a basic understanding of simple one step directions. Joel attends school and has a 1:1 aid assigned to help him. 

For families who want to make a difference in Joel’s life, there are a few different placement options. A family could make a long-term commitment to visit and be his “special” people but not adopt; a family could adopt him and have home visits on special occasions (while Joel continues living at his medical center). Finally, it is also possible, under the right circumstances, that Joel could live with the family who adopts him. In this situation, a family in the Seattle/Tacoma area would be best, as it will be challenging to transition him from his life and medical team.  

To learn more about Joel, watch his video clip.


John lives for fishing. When he can't actually be on the water, he daydreams that he's casting at one of his favorite fishing spots. He also enjoys playing outdoor sports, riding his bike and listening to country music. John truly enjoys receiving individual attention from the adults significant in his life and responds well to clear directions and expectations. Counselors say he could thrive in a home where he is the youngest child.

A caring, compassionate boy who is at his best one-on-one, John has good manners. According to his case worker, this young teen is very intelligent and it especially shows when he can focus on those subjects and activities he really likes, such as fishing, boats and hunting. Now in the seventh grade, he benefits from additional help at school. His adoptive family will need to be strong advocates to see that his educational needs are met and that he has appropriate educational and development opportunities as an adolescent.

While John's social worker especially wants to hear from couples, he doesn't want to miss out on hearing from those exceptional single moms and single dads who have strong support systems of family, friends and community resources. It is especially important that John have a parent, or parents, who have a good grasp of how early trauma impacts the sense of safety, well-being and emotional and behavioral growth of a child.

Being willing to participate with John in family counseling during his adoption transition would be a great way for his new parent or parents to show their love and commitment. And it would underscore for John that they are willing to use whatever supports are needed to help family members grow and develop in healthy ways.

To learn more about John, watch his video clip.


Jon is a fun, helpful guy who loves nature and one-on-one time with adults. His favorite past-time is fly-fishing, but he also enjoys camping and gardening. He’s an active teen who finds bugs fascinating and likes to keep moving by riding bikes, hiking and swimming.
Over the last year, Jon has developed a great sense of humor. Physically, he has been more active, is choosing to eat healthier foods and is growing taller. Adults around him have noticed how energetic, fun, charming and terrific he is. He genuinely enjoys being a helper around the house and doing chores like vacuuming and cleaning.

Jon’s family will need to team with his school and advocate for his best interests. Continued counseling will also help him with day-to-day life skills and working through feelings related to his earlier childhood. Being able to stay in contact with his grandparents will also be important to him.

High on Jon’s wish list is to have a parent or parents with whom he can spend lots of one-on-one time. Jon needs a structured, stable adoptive home with a very consistent daily routine. A good fit for Jon would be a home where he is the only child or with a few older and/or same-age children. Jon responds very well to praise, encouragement and a calm, positive approach. Clear rules and limits give him a sense of safety.
Jon needs a home that will set him up for success by preparing him for new experiences and helping him have “just family” time to adjust to his adoptive home. It will be particularly important for his adoptive parent(s) to be able to give Jonathan the time he will need to trust them. Jon’s family will be rewarded with a loving son who really wants to bond and belong to a family.

To learn more about Jon, watch his video clip. 


Josiah is a sweet boy, with an affectionate nature. He’s very much a stay-at-home kind of kid. He loves to play video games and board games. He also likes to put his imagination to work building with Legos. A boy who loves reading, Josiah is often found with a book. While outdoor and physical activities are not his favorite thing right now, it would be great for him to find a physical activity that he enjoys. Having a family that could help him explore and discover his active side could be wonderful.

Josiah says that he likes school and he especially enjoys learning about archaeology! While he’s benefiting from having some extra supports in school, it would also be a great boost for him to have a family that can encourage his academic interests and help him build upon his strengths.

Praise and encouragement, and one-on-one attention from the significant adults in his life, make all the difference for Josiah. He benefits from having a caring adult nearby to mentor and support him as he continues to make progress in how he relates to others. For now, he’s at his best spending time with just one friend at a time.

Josiah wants to be adopted! A nurturing, patient and supportive family who will welcome the opportunity to spend lots of time with him could be a great fit. A family where he would be the only child, or possibly have one older brother, would be ideal. Structure and routine, with clear directions and gentle reminders are important for Josiah. He has responded very well to parenting by a single mom, but his worker would like to hear from all families who would like to learn more about Josiah.


Kind and affectionate, Khristopher is a delightful boy with a “melt your heart” smile. He’s made some huge gains since he has been with his foster family, especially with his communication skills. He now really enjoys interacting with others, and he loves spending time with his friends and caring adults.
Khristopher loves to sing! He has lots of fun participating in karaoke at home and being in a choir. At his daycare program, Kristopher enjoys creating with arts and crafts, and playing with Legos. He also has fun participating in Boy Scouts, which provides him with many opportunities to be active and interact with others.

A boy who enjoys school, Khristopher is doing well in a small classroom environment. Behaviorally, he is somewhat younger than his chronological age, but he is benefiting from having some extra supports and he continues to make academic progress.

Khristopher likes to participate in counseling. He has developed a relationship with his counselor and enjoys having a special adult to spend time with, talking about how he is doing and sharing his thoughts and feelings. It will be important for his adoptive family to be supportive of continuing with such resources.

Khristopher is close to his foster parent and gets along with the other children in the home. He is affectionate and enjoys participating in family activities. Khristopher’s foster parent describes him as a boy with a wonderful imagination who is “just wanting to belong”. He needs nurturing caregiver(s) who will take time to listen attentively, be consistent, and provide clear expectations.

Couples and single moms who have a good repertoire of behavioral strategies, (and who can provide a nurturing environment, with positive parenting skills) will be very helpful in providing a home where Khristopher will thrive. A musically inclined family, that can nurture and encourage Khristopher’s love of choir and singing, could be especially wonderful for him!
To learn more about Khristoper, watch his video clip. 


Jan 7, 17

—Maddoxx is an expressive boy, who loves his iPad, hanging out with other people, and learning new skills. Often described as a “little rascal” because of his good-nature and sense of humor, he is generally loved by everyone he encounters. Learn more

“We intend to use your organization to assist us in adopting a Waiting Child. We have enjoyed your professionalism and the lengths you go to to help adoption be affordable.” ~ Matthew & Melissa

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