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Aden is a very smart young man with a great sense of curiosity about the world around him. He loves throwing a football, shooting hoops, swimming, riding his bike, and just generally being active with other kids and caring adults. 

While he may appear a bit cautious about joining in activities at first, once he gets going, Aden is lots of fun. He loves having opportunities for new experiences and to learn new skills. Aden especially likes environments such as the YMCA and Boys & Girls Club, where he can try different activities. He also enjoys church and church-related events with peers. 

Aden is also a fan of video games, watching TV and movies, listening to music, and playing with Magic or Pokeman cards. Animals make Aden happy too. He is hoping to volunteer at an animal shelter and especially enjoys being around cats and dogs. 

Aden does well when he knows he has a team of people working with him to be successful. At school and at home, Aden benefits from a very consistent daily routine with clear rules and expectations. He has made great strides in his counseling program where he is focused on increasing his ability to cope with feelings and frustration in positive ways. Aden longs to have permanency in a family that can provide the parental time and attention that helps him feel good about himself and helps him be successful. Aden would especially like to have a dad or father figure and the comfort of a nurturing mom.

To learn more about Aden, watch his video clip.


At heart, Alex is a writer. Whether it’s a poem, a rap, or a song, he likes to write about everything, particularly his own feelings and emotions. By his estimate, there are nearly 6,000 different emotions to be felt. He thinks deeply about the emotions of others and their experiences.

Music is also a passion for Alex. He enjoys singing, can strum a guitar, and points to Macklemore, Alicia Keys, and Keisha Cole as some of his favorite artists. He’s also a sports fan, both college and professional, and cheers on the Mariners, Golden State Warriors, UW Huskies, and Carolina Panthers.

Alex is a transgender youth and he’s open about sharing this part of his identity with others. He is a strong self-advocate and has been intentional about expanding the circles in his life where he is known as ‘Alex’. He is looking for a family that will be supportive of his gender identity.

Alex is a passionate believer in the value of family, and what he wants most is to be adopted. He is looking for a family who is bonded, active, and likes to be out and about – from going to the movies, to eating out at restaurants, to taking vacations, and more. He is an advocate for all types of families and finds the inherent value in anyone looking to adopt: “It’s like the most beautiful thing, because you know that they can find someone they truly are attached to.” Alex is self-assured and creative, and really wants to find his forever family.


Anthony is a darling little boy who depends on certain daily routines to help him feel happy, valued, and secure. He loves to be tucked into bed (often wearing one of his many superhero costumes) and given a hug goodnight. This routine must include having his toy bear tucked in with him and hearing an “I love you”. The next day, a cheerful “good morning” is essential, even as he is pulling the covers over his head and giggling. Once, he’s ready for the day, this active 5-year-old enjoys going for walks regardless of the destination!

Anthony loves everything to do with Marvel superheroes – movies, books, stickers, pajamas and clothing, especially his Captain America and Ironman costumes. He’s been looking forward to getting a Hawkeye costume, complete with bow and arrow. He likes to watch videos related to ABCs, shapes, colors, and nursery rhymes, and he has fun playing videogames that require strategy on his Sprout Tablet. Anthony is also a huge sports fan already. 

Routine and structure help Anthony thrive. He benefits greatly from having an attentive, caring adult nearby who can patiently and calmly redirect him, as needed. His independent play usually involves repetitive activity, such as looking at books over and over again, and filling and emptying containers. This kind of activity also helps comfort him when he’s upset. During playtime with other children, he does best with supervision. And he does well in “circle” and “story” times while at his daycare program.

Anthony is often gentle and full of smiles. He wants to be loved and to be helpful. Anthony’s case worker would like to hear from two-parent families, or exceptional single moms and dads who have strong support systems of family, friends, and community resources. 

Anthony will do best with a committed and patient family, experienced with children with special needs. A nurturing family that can give him lots of  attention, and insure that resources are in place to help him be successful, would be ideal. Having with a good repertoire of behavioral tools and positive parenting skills will be important too.

To learn more about Anthony, watch his video clip.


The first thing you notice about Antonio is his quiet, friendly demeanor. He’s a polite young man who willingly helps out at home with chores like vacuuming, taking out the trash, and feeding the fish. Antonio likes to be active and go on family outings. He enjoys painting, shooting hoops, and watching and playing football. He’s also likes games (of any kind), and a ton of other activities.

A music lover and karaoke expert, Anthony has a great memory for lyrics. He has taken piano lessons (and seems to have a gift for playing by ear). Something of a homebody, Antonio does well with one-on-one attention from caregivers and in calm, low-key environments.
In school, Antonio’s favorite subjects are math, reading, and writing. Individual attention, and an array of academic supports help him throughout the day. Antonio is incredibly proud of his progress and achievements. An adoptive family for Antonio should be comfortable advocating for the educational resources which help him succeed.

Antonio very much wants to be adopted. He says he would love to have his own bedroom with a TV and a treasure box to hold his things. Antonio would do well in a two-parent home or with a skilled, single-parent family with a good support network. It will also be important for his future family to honor and maintain his connection with his brother.

To learn more about Antonio, watch his video clip.


Cameron is an amazingly sweet little fighter! He was born with significant medical complications. In spite of all his many health conditions, he has defied expectations, not just by living but by thriving and making developmental gains. He is able to roll over, manipulate objects, vocalize and sit up with assistance, and is learning to push up to standing.  He can also hold up his head and is gaining neck strength.  He receives physical and occupational therapy weekly to improve his muscle strength and coordination.  Cameron also receives vision therapy.  He is followed by a multitude of specialists to improve his hearing, vision, nutritional needs, respiratory system, gastrointestinal system and cognitive development.

Nursing staff provide Cameron with physical cues when transitioning activities. So he is also beginning to anticipate events (such as bath time, when a sponge is placed in his hand). And he will kick his feet when excited!

Although he is non-verbal, Cameron babbles and sings. He loves music, being sung to, thrives with physical touch and loves to play. Cameron's nurses report he's a "joy" and that everyone "falls in love" with him.  He is patient and works hard in all his therapies and is generally a “happy boy”. He has a very gentle demeanor and craves affection.

An ideal family for Cameron would include a stay at home parent that can give him the one-on-one attention he craves. His family will need to be comfortable with having nursing care in the home. Cameron enjoys sights and sounds of other children and would do well with a family with other kids.

Having some type of medical knowledge and experience would be beneficial for his Cameron’s family, but it is not a deal breaker. A family that is willing to learn how to care for him would be considered. His family will need to live near a hospital. Cameron is a miracle baby and is the epitome of resilience!

To learn more about Cameron, watch his A Family for Me video clip.


Jan 7, 17

—Maddoxx is an expressive boy, who loves his iPad, hanging out with other people, and learning new skills. Often described as a “little rascal” because of his good-nature and sense of humor, he is generally loved by everyone he encounters. Learn more

“We intend to use your organization to assist us in adopting a Waiting Child. We have enjoyed your professionalism and the lengths you go to to help adoption be affordable.” ~ Matthew & Melissa

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