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Throughout the United States, over 400,000 children cannot live with their biological families.  It is unsafe.  Many experience neglect, others abuse, and increasingly, children pay the price when their parents are in the grips of addiction. While services are offered in hopes of reunification, children need foster families, and right now there isn’t enough.  Many youth find themselves in shelters, or in a different hotel room each night, or often sleeping on the floor of state offices while workers search for a safe, temporary family.  At WACAP, and at Holt, we are at work to become a part of the solution for these children.  We are recruiting and preparing parents to welcome these children home, whether for a short time or a lifetime, and we support those children and foster families until permanency is achieved.

By making a gift, you are investing in our efforts to recruit and support foster families and help children gain permanency through reunification or adoption.


Apr. 25, 19

—Travis is a laid-back kid who effortlessly brightens up a room. He's a very loving child who enjoys being around his favorite people. Travis has a lot of people in his life who... Learn more