Our Work

Keeping Families Strong

WACAP children come from hard places so we've instated Trust Based Relational Intervention (TBRI), a therapeutic model to better prepare for foster and adoptive placements and to offer the lifelong support they'll need to keep their families strong.

WACAP understands that adoption is a lifelong process, and from the first days home through the school and teenage years and into adulthood, we’re here to help.

We Educate: WACAP offers online education covering a range of topics, for both beginning and seasoned adoptive parents. Live seminars help families to prepare for the adoption process and becoming an adoptive family.

We Listen: Trained social workers are available to listen, offer assistance, and refer families to a specialist if further help is needed.

We Connect: WACAP families across the country share experiences and gain support through our online and in person support groups. Both groups are overseen by a licensed counselor who can offer advice and facilitate discussions.

Donations to the Strong Families Fund funds these programs to keep services available to children and families when they need them.


Apr. 25, 19

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