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At WACAP we appreciate how important your support is to the work we do for children: we simply couldn’t do what we do without you. We have long wanted to share how your actions and donations are making a difference, and that’s why we created the WACAP Impact Blog—where you can personally see the results of your generosity on a frequently-updated site. You’ll meet special children who’ve just joined their families, travel with us through photo journals and learn where your contributions are going. We hope you’ll take a few minutes to check it out. We'd love to hear what you like about it, and what topics you'd like to see covered in the future.


Nov. 15, 18

—Joey has tons of interests; including dinosaurs, science, and playing the piano. Building with Legos is among his favorite things to do, along with racing remote control cars. He is also a huge fan of... Learn more

“We were (and are) extremely happy with WACAP and have recommended you to everyone who will listen.” ~ Sharee