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Support groups offer an invaluable opportunity to connect with other foster and adoptive families, share and learn from each other’s experiences, and grow your support network.

As you build your network, here are some tips and resources you may find valuable:

WACAP Support Groups:

Support Group Listings & Look-Up (By State/Keyword):

More Tips for Finding People and Groups in Your Community:

Seek out recommendations. Ask your case manager, social services or mental health professionals your family may be working with, as well as other foster and adoptive parents their recommendations. They may be able to suggest a supportive community or parent group, online forum, heritage camp, or family networking group that’s focused on a certain country, located in a certain region, or geared toward a certain topic or audience.

Ask your case manager about talking to a resource family. Some families have volunteered to be ongoing contacts for foster and adoptive families, and they’re available to answer questions or just be there to listen. Ask your case manager at WACAP if you’d like to be put in touch with another family or if you’d like to become a resource for other families.

Research Community-Organized Meet-Up Groups. Community-organized groups may offer opportunities to connect with others locally around common interest areas. While these individual/local meet-ups may not be moderated by foster care and adoption agency staff (and sites such as Meetup may have a nominal fee to join), they are tools many people use to create and find support networks in their local area.