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Family Friday Schedule

If this is not your first adoption, please see the notes halfway down this page. Families need to pre-register for all classes, as times and dates are subject to change. Pre- registration will ensure that you are notified of these changes and receive a confirmation email prior to the class.

Families living in Wisconsin

Please contact Jill Larson at (262) 377-7700 or for details regarding training requirements.

First-time WACAP families living in Washington or Oregon

You must select one Friday class below in order to complete WACAP pre-adoption requirements included in the homestudy process:

Fridays: 9:45 a.m. to 6 p.m.  

  • January 5   US Kids
  • February 2 International
  • March 2      US Kids
  • April 6        International
  • May            None scheduled
  • July 20      US Kids
  • August 3   International
  • September 7 US Kids
  • October 5 International
  • November 2 US Kids
  • December 7 International

Call for information and registration: 206.575.4550

Family Friday is required for all Washington and Oregon families.

Families who attend a Friday session will also need to supplement their in-person training with WACAP’s supplemental Online Training Package in order to complete the required number of training hours. Once your homestudy and training fees have been paid, you will receive information on these supplemental classes and how to access them online.

Families in Washington and Oregon will be billed for these supplemental training packages at the time they are billed for their homestudy.

For Families Completing their Second Adoption

Thank you for opening your home to another child!  If you are adopting a child of the same general age as your first adopted child, and have attended training within the last two years, you do not need to attend WACAP Family Friday. However, we do ask that you do one of the following:

  • Complete four WACAP Family Education classes either in person or online prior to placement.

       - OR -

  • Attend a WACAP “Family Friday” session (families who have attended a second time often find it very helpful for the child already in their home).

If you are adopting a child over age 3 for the first time, you are required to participate in WACAP’s webinar "Coming Home: Adopting the Older Child".  For a current schedule, please check our webinar page.

If you are adopting from a different country than your first adoption, please contact the adoption program directly to learn specific details of the adoption process.



June 6, 18

—Hanna’s life is comprised of a few interests that she's really dedicated to; including sports, makeup, music, and school. She loves track and field, especially shot put and discus. In the future, she would love to try out for...... Learn more

“I have found that WACAP contacts I've had via phone and e-mail provide excellent and timely response.” ~ Rhonda Piccolo

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