News and Events

News and Events

Bookmark this page and check back often to keep up to date on the latest news from WACAP, as well as upcoming classes, workshops, presentations and special events. There's always a lot going on with WACAP, not only at our main office, but across the country as well. Use the links below to find out about the latest news and events.

Check out our family support page for classes and networking opportunities with other adoptive parents on a wide variety of topics.

WACAP Today, our newsletter, is available in PDF format. You can read it online or print out a copy.

The Special Events section will let you know about WACAP’s annual events, such as our summer Family Camp and Children's Hope Auction in the fall, as well as any related conferences and presentations across the country.


Nov. 15, 18

—Joey has tons of interests; including dinosaurs, science, and playing the piano. Building with Legos is among his favorite things to do, along with racing remote control cars. He is also a huge fan of... Learn more

“We were (and are) extremely happy with WACAP and have recommended you to everyone who will listen.” ~ Sharee