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Our newsletter WACAP Today is available in PDF format. You can read it online or print out a copy.

Media Relations

WACAP gladly welcomes media inquiries. WACAP staff and administrators are available to speak to the media about adoption and child assistance issues. Additionally, we've worked with thousands of families, many of whom have incredible stories to share. To arrange an interview, please contact WACAP’s Communication Department or call Kelli Day at 206-922-1532.

Donor Relations

If you'd like to find out more about WACAP before making a donation, we can supply you with statistics and background information related to our adoption and child assistance projects. Please contact WACAP’s Development Department or call Mary Duncan at 206-575-4550.

"I believe in WACAP and have been impressed time and time again with the information that you send out, the timeliness of responses that I've received, the friendliness of staff, etc. Thanks for all you do for kids (and their new families!)" - Rachel


For further information about international adoption and child assistance, the following Web sites may be useful:

WACAP Facebook Support Group

Child Welfare Information Gateway 

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)

U.S. State Department

Joint Council on International Children’s Services

The Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute

USCIS Orphan Visa Information

IRS Adoption Tax Credit 

Social Security Administration

U.S. Immigration Adoption Process Overview

Adoptive Families magazine and website

Asian Adult Adoptees of Washington (AAAW)

Creating a Family 

Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption

RainbowKids - international adoption advocacy site

Resources4Adoption - adoption financing options  

Financial Resources

Adoption may not cost as much as you think. Find out about loans, fee reductions, tax credits, employee reimbursement programs and other sources of financial assistance.

Medical Resources

The American Academy of Pediatrics maintains a nationwide directory of international adoption clinics.

The United Healthcare Children's Foundation provides financial assistance for families to cover their children's healthcare expenses. Find out whether you're eligible to apply for a grant.

Travel Resources

U.S. Passport Information's travel section has articles and resources for adoption travel.

Some travel insurance companies, such as GoTrip, offer travel insurance specifically for adoption travel. Protect yourself against medical emergencies, trip delay, and lost or damaged items.



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“I have found that WACAP contacts I've had via phone and e-mail provide excellent and timely response.” ~ Rhonda Piccolo