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Adoption Frequently Asked Questions

Am I too old to adopt?

For international adoptions, age requirements vary from country to country. See the individual country pages for more information. If you’re willing to be flexible about your child’s age and possible needs, then your age is less of a concern.

There are no age limits for U.S. adoptions, but you should be in good health, with a reasonable expectation that you can raise your child to adulthood. Every country requires that you submit medical information as part of your dossier.

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Must I be married to adopt?

Most of the foreign countries we work with prefer married couples as adoptive parents. However, several of them will also consider single men or women. See the individual country pages for more information.

For U.S. adoptions, WACAP does not stipulate a particular family structure; nor do we discriminate against applicants on the basis of marital status or sexual orientation. We do encourage you to share all relevant information with your social worker during your home study.

We live in an apartment, not a house; can we adopt?

There are no requirements for the size, style or ownership of your home, but it must be a safe place to raise a child. Your plan for the child’s living space will be part of your home study.

Must I be of a certain religion to adopt?

WACAP is a nonsectarian agency. We have no requirements about parents’ religious faith. If you plan to raise your child in a specific faith, it’s appropriate to mention it as part of your home study.

Must I have a certain income level to adopt?

WACAP welcomes adoptive parents of all income levels. It isn’t a question of how much you earn, but of managing your income so that you can support another family member.

Your home study will include questions about your income, finances, and lifestyle. Guidelines vary, but all countries require verification of income and employment.

What about "open" adoptions?

WACAP pioneered the concept of open adoption in the 1970s, and situations vary from country to country. In some cases birth families may request an open or semi-open adoption, in other cases it’s not a concern. If you’d be willing to keep in touch with your child’s birth family, please mention it to your social worker.

We live outside the United States; can we adopt through WACAP?

At least one parent must be a U.S. citizen, and both parents must reside within the United States. The only exception is for U.S. citizens working abroad for either the U.S. military or the U.S. government.

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