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Promise Fund

In some circumstances, WACAP is able to make a special commitment to help particular children find a family. Made possible by donations, our Promise Fund began in the hearts of individuals who wanted to make a real difference for children. Knowing that finances can be a challenge to finding adoptive families, generous donors have made it possible for WACAP to reduce the fees for the adoption expenses for specific children. Promise Fund grants of $2,000–$7,900 have been assigned to these children based on their age, medical needs or sibling status. Promise Fund grants may be available to families earning an annual adjusted gross income of under $125,000 after child-dependent deductions. Grant availability also depends on adoption processing costs and the donor fund balance. Families should also keep the federal adoption tax credit in mind, which may cover up to $13,000+ of adoption expenses after a child has come home. Find out about these and other sources of financial assistance


The China Center for Children's Welfare and Adoption - or CCCWA - (formerly known as the CCAA) has revised its waiting child adoption process. In the old system, specific adoption agencies advocated for specific children. Under the new system, waiting children are released to all agencies via a secure web site or "Shared List".

Adoption agencies throughout the world, including WACAP, can visit this web site to view children who need families, and “lock” a child’s file for a given family. This “locking” is intended to confirm the family’s acceptance of the specific child. After locking a child’s file, the agency will have 48 hours to submit detailed information about the family and its ability to care for the child. The first agency that locks a file and submits appropriate family information will likely place that child with the family. Until a child’s file is locked, many families from many agencies can be reviewing the same child’s information.

For some children, the CCCWA will allow up to six months for a family to complete and submit its dossier after locking a child’s file. But in order to bring children home to families more quickly, the CCCWA is asking agencies to first look for families who already have complete dossiers logged in. You can improve your chance of being matched with a waiting child by applying to WACAP, completing your homestudy and collecting dossier documents in advance.

WACAP staff will regularly visit the CCCWA website to review waiting children’s files. Once you have an approved homestudy and supporting documents, WACAP can match you with a child from China. Contact WACAP’s Family Finders Program to learn more. 


WACAP is offering $4,000 grants to eligible families interested in adopting specific waiting children or sibling groups from Taiwan. To find out more, please contact WACAP's Family Finders program.  

United States

To encourage the adoption of children waiting in U.S. foster care, and as long as funds remain available, WACAP will offer to eligible families fee reductions for their adoption of the following types of children who are waiting:

  • A child 7 years or older at time of referral,
  • Sibling group of two with at least one child 7 years of age or older
  • Sibling group of three or more (any ages)

All families seeking to adopt must be open to:

  • Effects of abuse, neglect and institutionalization

For more information about adopting a waiting child from U.S. foster care, please e-mail Family Finders or call 206-575-4550.


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“I really love WACAP's waiting child program. When we were in China, we noticed that all the parents who were adopting older kids were with WACAP.” ~ Betsy

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