U.S. Foster Care
and Adoption

U.S. Foster Care and Adoption

WACAP Seeks Both Temporary and Permanent Families for Children in Washington State Foster Care.

Many people know WACAP as an organization focused on adoption. We have helped families to adopt for over 40 years, from US Foster Care and around the globe. However, with the ongoing stories about the foster care crisis in Washington State, we are looking for families willing to stand with children and become a part of the solution.

If you’re ready to commit to a child or youth who needs you (for as long as they need), and you live in Western Washington (Pierce, King or Snohomish County), WACAP’s expanded domestic foster care and adoption program may be the right choice. 

Contact us at wacap@wacap.org or call 206.922.1515 to learn more about Foster Care and Adoption from Foster Care. Whether for a short time or a lifetime, children are waiting. 

Perhaps they are waiting for you.  

Click below for answers to frequently asked questions, or for information about the U.S. Foster Care and Adoption process and fees. 




The very first child placed by WACAP in 1976 was a teenager from Washington Foster Care. We are proud of our history and expertise in this arena. 

Advocacy. WACAP offers hands-on advocacy for children and families throughout the process.

. We work diligently to assist you through foster home licensing.

WACAP staff thoughtfully screen child profiles to identify children and youth whose     needs are best met through the skills of your specific family. 

Trauma-Informed Model. WACAP staff have adopted the Trust-Based Relational Intervention ® model to working with children from hard places. This evidence-based and trauma-informed model informs not only our training, but our support of the children placed in your home, and our support of you as you parent. 

All Children, All Families. We celebrate the value of cultural awareness and will ensure that your ethnic or cultural customs, practices, and beliefs, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, disability, and/or community differences will be respected. WACAP is proud to welcome all families in their journey to provide foster care or permanency through adoption of children and teenagers. 

What Types of Families are Needed?

We can prepare and support your family to become a solution for fostered children: 

Emergent Care Family, accepting emergency, brief stay placements of children immediately upon removal from their family of origin or a disrupted foster placement. Emergency placements are needed until a long-term Foster Care Family can be identified. 

Respite Care Family, accepting brief stay placements of youth that allow their long-term foster parents to enjoy a break from their parenting role. Respite placements typically last from a weekend to two weeks long.

Foster Care Family, accepting temporary placements of children until a permanency plan can be completed. Permanency plans involve reunification with biological parents, relatives, or adoption by the foster family or other unrelated family.

Bridge-Home Family, accepting placements of children with the goal of providing a safe and nurturing transition of a child to his or her biological family or adoptive home.

Adoptive Family, accepting placements of children whose permanency plan is adoption. These placements are intended to be permanent but will be supported through monthly home visits until adoption finalization occurs.

You can meet some of these children and learn more about them every week through WACAP’s 

A Family for Me program.
sibling trio dressed up for Yuen Lui "a family for me" portrait school age child wearing Seahawks shirt - Yuen Lui portrait with "A Family for Me"

Additional Resources

Staff Advocates for LGBTQ Clients and Families

WACAP has identified staff advocates for LGBTQ clients and families who may have unique questions or challenges. Feel free to contact our staff:

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