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Finding Homes for Children in U.S. Foster Care

If you’re eager to expand your family, adopting from US Kids may be the right adoption choice for you. Couples or singles hoping to adopt a child age 7 or older may wait less than a year, once licensed, (and sometimes only a few months) for a child to join their family as a foster placement, which may then lead to adoption. Since 1976, WACAP’s team of adoption experts has helped over 2,000 adoptive families welcome their children home.

About the Children

WACAP can help you adopt a child who is currently in state foster care in Washington, Oregon, and other states. These children range in age from infancy to 18 years old, with most of the children in need of adoption from age 4 to 18. The majority of the children who are already legally available for adoption are school-age. Many siblings are also waiting to join a family together. 

Some U.S. waiting children have physical, emotional or developmental concerns, while others have experienced neglect or abuse in their past. But each child’s greatest need is for a permanent home with a loving family. You can meet some of these children and learn more about them every week through WACAP’s A Family for Me program.

Families Who Live in Oregon or Washington

WACAP can help you adopt a child who is already legally available for adoption or a child who needs a foster-to-adopt home until he or she becomes legally able to be adopted. If you’re seeking to adopt a child age 3 or younger, we anticipate the wait for your child to join your family could be 24 months or slightly longer. For children this young, it’s likely the placement will be foster to adoption, where you’ll serve as the child’s foster parent(s) until the child becomes legally available. (While many older children are already legally available to be adopted, there are children of all ages who are in need of adoptive homes before they are legally available.) 

Families Who Live Outside of Oregon or Washington

If you reside outside of Washington or Oregon, WACAP can work with you to welcome a child or children who are already legally available for adoption into your family. As you move forward with your adoption, your family will need to be open to children who are part of a larger sibling group, older than age 8, or have more significant individual needs. Nationwide, there are many children waiting to be adopted, and we’ll help you find the right child, or children, for your family.

Adopting From US Kids

Both couples and singles are welcome to adopt from US Kids.

If you would like more information about the process or fees associated with WACAP’s US Kids adoption program, or have questions about your adoption application, please contact us

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Oct 25, 17

—Khristopher loves to sing! He has lots of fun participating in karaoke at home and being in a choir. At his daycare program, Kristopher enjoys creating with arts and crafts, and playing with Legos. He also has fun participating in..... Learn more

“We have enjoyed working with WACAP so very much and we will enjoy our precious bundle of joy for many, many more years!” ~ Cindy & Joe

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