Post Adoption Services

Post-Placement Services

Adopting through WACAP means that your family will receive life-long family support.

Post-Placement Visits & Reports

WACAP provides post-placement services in the form of social worker visits and reports as required by U.S. and foreign child-placing authorities.

Consultation and Referrals

WACAP recognizes that adoption needs are not finite, linear, or necessarily predictable. Adoptive families may face different challenges at different stages in adoptees’ development and our agency responds by offering lifelong support to all our adoptive families and their children. Our trained staff is available to listen, offer assistance, and refer families to specialists when necessary.

Dissolution Work

WACAP is a child-centered organization that seeks to provide a permanent family for every child we place. However, we recognize that sometimes families are unable to provide the level of care and the resources a child needs. We are sensitive to the needs of all our families, and are present for those families that have reached this difficult and excruciating decision of last resort; supporting them through the process and identifying a new vetted family that is committed and prepared to provide for the child’s needs and individual best interest.

Search and Reunion

The desire to search for information and/or connection with birth families is common among adoptees. Some seek to obtain genetic and health information, while others hope to develop a relationship with their birth families or just find answers to their unanswered questions. Once over the age of 18, adoptees can contact WACAP to seek assistance with this process. Our staff provides guidance, support, information, and resources to further help in conducting a search, with parameters dependent on each adoptees’ country of origin. The first step is filling out our Search and Reunion Request Form (PDF) or (Word) along with a Method of Payment form.


WACAP offers additional links and articles for adult adoptees and adoptive families via our Family Portal. Please contact us at 800-732-1887 or email us if you need the Family Portal login/password sent to you.


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