Homestudy Services

Homestudy Services

Pre-Adoption Services

WACAP strives to serve children and families throughout the adoption process by providing pre-adoption training and education from application to placement.

Pre-Adoption Training

As part of the homestudy process, WACAP and the Hague Convention on Intercountry Adoption require that all prospective adoptive parents complete at least 10 hours (or 12 hours if you are adopting from China) of online or community-based training suitable for the age of the child you wish to adopt. In addition, if you are adopting through our US Kids program, we require that families complete foster care training in your community. Training is designed to inform prospective adoptive parents on setting realistic expectations and preparing for a successful adoptive placement. WACAP provides in-person training during Family Friday for local families pursuing adoption domestically through our US Kids program, or Internationally through one of our many programs.


All families choosing to adopt must complete a homestudy, which is a reflective and educational process to assess the physical, mental and emotional environment the adopted child will enter. The resulting report is a required legal document that represents your family to organizations, courts, and/or governments with custody of children. As a Hague-accredited child placement agency, WACAP provides homestudy services to families in Washington, Connecticut, Oregon, Alaska, Wisconsin, New Jersey and New York. Regardless of whether you use WACAP as your placing agency, WACAP can provide homestudy services to your family if you are living in any of those six states. Throughout the homestudy process, WACAP staff will work closely with representatives from your identified placing agency to ensure all requirements are met.


WACAP offers additional links and articles for pre-adoptive families via our Family Portal. Please contact us at 800-732-1887 or email us if you need the Family Portal login/password sent to you.


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