Adoption Services

WACAP is proud to be one of the largest and most experienced international nonprofit adoption agencies in the United States. The first child placed by WACAP in 1976 was a child from our US Kids program, who had been living in Washington state foster care. Since then we have expanded our work to many countries around the world and currently offer active adoption programs in Bulgaria, China, Haiti, India, Korea, Taiwan and Thailand

"Our experience with you was wonderful! Tomorrow marks our one-year anniversary! That was such an incredible day, wish I could experience it again! Thanks again for helping us bring our little girl home."

In addition to adoption placement services, WACAP's social services department can provide homestudy and post-placement services to families in Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Wisconsin, New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut who might have been placed through an outside agency or adoption program.

WACAP is pleased to offer continued lifetime training and support for adoptees and their families. 


Nov. 15, 18

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“I have three sisters from India who were adopted through WACAP. I have always highly respected your agency.” ~ Becky