U.S. Foster Care
and Adoption

U.S. Foster Care and Adoption

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Finding Homes for Children in U.S. Foster Care

If you’re eager to expand your family, adoption from foster care may be the right choice for you. WACAP seeks couples or singles to consider this option, where a child joins your family as a foster placement, which may then lead to permanency.

Both couples and singles are welcome to adopt from US Kids. WACAP recognizes, respects, promotes and celebrates the value of cultural diversity and will ensure that your ethnic or cultural customs, practices, and beliefs, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, disability, and/or community differences will be respected.

About the Children

WACAP can help you adopt a child who is currently in state foster care in Washington, Oregon, and – in some instances – from other states. Children legally free for adoption are typically age 8 and older. Many siblings are waiting to join a family together. Children in foster care represent several different ethnicities, religious backgrounds, sexual orientations and gender identities. They are all resilient, wonderful kids!

Children enter foster care for their safety. This is intended to be temporary while biological family members receive support and services to eventually reunify families. WACAP recruits, prepares and supports families to commit to children in foster care for as long as they need you, whether that is for a season or a lifetime.

These children come from difficult backgrounds, most often involving some form of abuse or neglect. WACAP supports our families using a trauma-informed approach called Trust-Based Relational Intervention, or TBRI®.Regardless of their histories, these children have limitless potential and are waiting for a family; perhaps they are waiting for you.

  • You can meet some of these children and learn more about them every week through WACAP’s A Family for Me program.
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Adopt from Foster Care through Our US Kids Program

WACAP believes every child deserves a permanent, loving family and that children deprived of this care suffer effects that may last a lifetime. WACAP recognizes the responsibility inherent in serving vulnerable children and maintains the highest ethical standards and services for children in need.

If you would like more information about the process or fees associated with WACAP’s US Kids adoption program, please contact us.

Additional Resources

Staff Advocates for LGBTQ Clients and Families

WACAP has identified staff advocates for LGBTQ clients and families who may have unique questions or challenges. Feel free to contact our staff:

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