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Finding Homes for Children in Korea

WACAP placed its first child from Korea with a U.S. family in 1979, and since then WACAP has united over 2,000 children from Korea with their adoptive families. 

About the children

Children in need of adoption from Korea are matched around 5 – 12 months of age and then typically join their families around the time they are turning 2 years old. More boys than girls need families through international adoption so all families joining this program must be open to adopting a boy.

Children range from having minor noted medical conditions (that are not considered "special needs") to having more complex needs. Children with complex needs are frequently waiting for a family. We can assist families who are open to adopting a waiting child who has an identified medical or developmental need. For more information about these children, please visit our secure waiting child page or contact us to learn more.

WACAP works in cooperation with Holt Children’s Services in Korea to help you adopt your child. Over the years, many adoptive families have shared with us their deep appreciation to Holt for providing excellent foster care and medical supervision to the children under their care.

Adopting From Korea

In recent years, the Korea government began making changes to its adoption process. Many children from Korea still need adoptive families, but while Korea implements these new procedures, some aspects of the adoption process have slowed down.

Married couples are welcome to adopt from Korea.

If you live in Washington, Utah, Alaska or North Carolina, WACAP can help you adopt a child Korea considers healthy. Families from any state may adopt Korean waiting children. Contact us to learn more.

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