Democratic Republic of Congo

Finding homes for Children in the D.R.C.

In 2013, WACAP began working with the Democratic Republic of Congo (or the D.R.C.) to give orphaned children the hope of a family. This central African country, not to be confused with “Congo,” is one of the most recent places WACAP has been offering adoption services. At this time, the D.R.C., which is currently making some revisions to its adoption laws, has announced an indefinite suspension of exit permits (one of the final steps in the adoption process needed for a child to depart the country).  

Because it’s uncertain when this suspension will end, WACAP strongly advises that families newly applying to adopt consider opportunities from the other countries where WACAP works. (We’d be glad to answer your questions)        

About the Children

In the D.R.C., boys and girls of all ages wait for a loving family. These children in need of adoption were orphaned, abandoned or relinquished by relatives who were unable to care for them, and though most children have little or no information about their pasts available, adoption gives each child the hope of a bright future.

You can adopt a baby boy or girl, between 9 and 18 months old at the time you’re matched with your child. In addition to infants, toddlers and school aged children, up to 15 years old, need loving homes. And if you’re open to more than one child, brothers and sisters wait in orphanages to become part of a family who’ll keep them together.

“The WACAP adoption staff helped things go so smoothly.… I knew, even before I came home with my little girl, that I’d be returning to WACAP to adopt another child." – WACAP Adoptive Family  

Adopting From the D.R.C.

From the moment you apply, our staff will keep you up-to-date and do our best to prepare you for any process changes or unknowns. WACAP staff is in frequent contact with orphanage staff responsible for the children who need adoption.

If you’d like more information about the process or fees associated with adoption from the D.R.C., or if you have questions about your adoption application, please contact us.

WACAP is one of a select group of agencies accredited under the Hague Convention on International Adoption, and we’re proud to be recognized for upholding the highest ethical, legal and professional standards.


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“I completely trust WACAP's judgment and professionalism.” ~ Lisa

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