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Our Team

At WACAP, adoption is a personal as well as a professional commitment. Many of our staff are adoptive parents, have adoptive siblings, or were adopted themselves. We have decades of experience, and several members of our Executive Leadership team have worked in adoption for over 20 years. We maintain relationships and visit regularly with institutions, organizations and governments overseas. Additionally, there are WACAP representatives based outside the United States, in the foreign countries where we work. Find out about employment opportunities at WACAP.

WACAP staff members are committed to providing love and care to needy children, one child at a time. Our work is supported solely by funding from adoption fees, donations, grants and corporate support. To find out more about how you can help WACAP in its mission to help children who need families, please contact us.

Executive Leadership

Greg Eubanks, President & CEO
Mary Moo, Vice President, Adoptions
Mary Duncan, Vice President, Fund Development
Dave Proff, Vice President, Operations

Board of Directors

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, WACAP is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors:

Janna Annest, Attorney, Mills, Meyers, Swartling (Board Chair)
Skott Pope, Senior Vice President, Salal Credit Union (Vice Chair)
Laura Templeton, Consultant, 2A Consulting (Secretary)
Laura McMillan, COO, Net Hope
Alanna Beebe, Founder, Sproutable
Michael Friedline, President & CEO, NonProfit Advantage
Bryan Hart, COO, Solanite Consulting
Kristin Kalning, Marketing Consultant
Phil Rosnik, Principal, Swiss Select Property Management Inc.
Samuel Sunderaraj, Vice President of Sales, Skilljar
Rebecca Tenges, Owner, Equine BodyWorks USA


Nov. 15, 18

—Joey has tons of interests; including dinosaurs, science, and playing the piano. Building with Legos is among his favorite things to do, along with racing remote control cars. He is also a huge fan of... Learn more

“I have three sisters from India who were adopted through WACAP. I have always highly respected your agency.” ~ Becky