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From WACAP’s grassroots beginnings as a local support group for parents who had adopted internationally, we've seen tremendous expansion in the scope of our services and the number of children we're privileged to help. In our early years, we placed children from just two countries: the United States and Korea. Later we developed adoption and/or child assistance programs in Thailand, India, Colombia, Ecuador, Hong Kong and the Philippines. In the 1990s, WACAP pioneered the first U.S. adoptions from China, Far East Russia and Romania. Since 2000, WACAP has launched additional programs in Bulgaria, DRC, Ethiopia, Haiti, Kazakhstan, Taiwan and Vietnam. In recent years, WACAP has also expanded stateside by adding branch offices in New York and Wisconsin.

Since 1976, WACAP has placed more than 10,000 children in loving adoptive families across the United States, and provided humanitarian aid to over 200,000 children worldwide. For more information on how you can help WACAP in its mission to help children in need of families, please contact us.


Nov. 15, 18

—Joey has tons of interests; including dinosaurs, science, and playing the piano. Building with Legos is among his favorite things to do, along with racing remote control cars. He is also a huge fan of... Learn more

“We have enjoyed working with WACAP so very much and we will enjoy our precious bundle of joy for many, many more years!” ~ Cindy & Joe