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Family Finders

WACAP’s Family Finders Team helps to find parents for children who are waiting for adoptive families. These children range in age from toddlers to mid-teens, and come from every country where we work. When you adopt a child who is waiting, the adoption process often takes less time, and you may be eligible to adopt a child with a fee reduction. In some cases, you can preview photos and descriptions of children who are waiting, and select the child you’re interested in. Children may be waiting for families because they're older than age 2, are part of a sibling group, and/or have special medical or developmental needs.

Use the two-page Family Finders pre-application form to give us basic information about yourself and the type of child you are hoping to adopt. After we process your pre-application, a waiting child case manager will send you pictures and descriptions of children with individual needs, and help you with the waiting child adoption process.

Promise Fund

In some circumstances, WACAP is able to make a special commitment to help particular children find a family. Knowing that finances can be a challenge to finding adoptive families, WACAP can reduce the fees for the adoption expenses for specific children. Promise Grants of $2,000–7,900 have been assigned to these children based on their age, medical needs or sibling status. Promise Grants may be available to families earning an annual adjusted gross income of under $125,000 after child-dependent deductions. Find out more information on the types of children who may qualify for Promise Fund grants.

The Children

WACAP is happy to provide you with photos and descriptions of children who are waiting for families. Children from Bulgaria, China, Haiti, Korea, Taiwan and the United States are featured on this website. To request information on waiting children in India or Thailand please e-mail Family Finders or call us toll free: 1-800-732-1887. 


You'll need to have a homestudy performed by a licensed adoption agency. WACAP conducts homestudies in Washington, Oregon, Alaska, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Wisconsin only; in other states, WACAP can give you the names of licensed agencies. After we process your pre-application, a waiting child case manager will send you pictures and descriptions of children with individual needs, and help you with the waiting child adoption process. Other requirements vary from country to country. Family Finders staff can give you specific information. e-mail Family Finders or call 206-575-4550.

Waiting Time

The waiting time depends on the child you select. In general, because these children have already been referred for adoption, the processing time will be shorter than average.

US Kids: A Family for Me

WACAP’s award-winning project, A Family for Me, introduces you to kids in U.S. foster care who are waiting for families. You can read about these kids and learn more about the program here.


Feb 7, 17

—While Tre-Lyn is nonverbal, he makes different sounds to connect with others. He loves to be cuddled and is very responsive to.... Learn more

 “Having the ability to choose a child whose adoption fees have been reduced through grants is fabulous. (After all, we don't want to say no to adoption due to the cost, although it is what held us back for some time.) Thank you, WACAP!” ~ Jennifer

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