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Across Washington state, more than 1,600 kids live in foster care while they wait for permanent families. They are legally free for adoption, and they need families to love them forever. WACAP’s nationally recognized project, A Family for Me, introduces you to kids who need what every kid should have: a family like yours.

In cooperation with Yuen Lui Photography Studios and a partnership with KING 5 Television in Seattle, A Family for Me produces a TV segment, which airs weekly during the morning news. Hosted by Joyce Taylor, the segment profiles adoptable kids from around the Puget Sound region. As kids are introduced each week, we'll add their profiles and videos to this page. You might want to bookmark it now and return later to learn more about these great kids.

In addition to kids featured on A Family for Me, WACAP's US Kids staff have information on hundreds of other children in the United States who need homes.

This Week's Featured Child: Alex

Warm and caring, Alexzander has a contagious, infectious smile! With his bright blue eyes and red hair, Alex is a playful, extremely funny kiddo. He loves to giggle and play tickle games (including trying to tickle you back). Everyone who meets Alex, tends to fall in love with him. He is a big snuggler and will ask for hugs and kisses.
In his foster home, the loveseat is Alex’s special hangout. He likes to keep his toys there and to watch his favorite shows from his comfy vantage point. He loves watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and will laugh, clap, and sing along. Alex enjoys riding in the car and then sitting in his modified stroller during excursions. He really likes his stroller time and can get himself in and out.

Alex has some unique medical needs. One component of this is that Alex is always hungry and doesn’t feel satiated. This means that he tends to carry more weight which has delayed his walking and mobility skills. This fall Alex joined his current foster family, which is highly skilled in caring for kids with medical needs. When Alex first moved to this home, he tended to sit on the floor and play with puzzles and toys. Now, he will walk around and will even try to run as fast as he can. His mobility is slowly improving as he is slimming down. Though he is still constantly hungry, he is not as diligent about trying to go into the kitchen in search of food.

Alexzander loves going to school and especially loves riding the school bus! Developmentally, he is younger than his chronological age. While he may know what you are saying, you typically need to demonstrate what you’re asking of him. He is currently attending a developmental preschool program and is doing well. His IEP provides physical, occupational, and speech therapies. He also receives adaptive self-help, cognitive and social-emotional support. At school, Alex is starting to try new experiences, such as going down a slide. His growing attention span and developing peer interactions, are also showing great progress. He has been getting more involved with other kids and he has been able to sit still for longer periods, for activities such as “circle time”.

Upon first meeting new people, Alex may smile and reach out to hold someone’s hand. He does best with adults who approach him slowly and are thoughtful about waiting for his permission to check out his toys. There are times when Alex can be kind of guarded; he tends to look to his caregivers for cues about new people. Alexzander requires assistance with daily living tasks, such as getting dressed and full assistance around toileting. He definitely knows his schedule and is very cognizant of his routine and wants to stick to it.

Alexzander needs a family that can meet his special medical needs by working with his medical team and following his dietary and therapeutic programs. Since his educational component is very important, the family will need to work closely with the school and provide recommended therapeutic interventions at home. He needs a patient family that will provide nurturing, love, and affection. It may be beneficial for him to have two parents because of the level of care he requires. Alex’s family will find a kind-hearted son who tends to bring a lot of laughter and warmth to those around him!

To learn more about Alex, watch his video clip.


Browse photos and descriptions of other kids still waiting for families:



A bright and talented artist, Andre is a sweet and endearing 12-year-old. He's already filled several journals with his sketches and he loves to use his creativity to design and build Lego structures. Very interested in space, Andre is a big fan of Star Wars and space-themed video games.


Jermaine is a thoughtful young man who enjoys both science and basketball! He loves outdoor activities and outings. Among his favorite pastimes are riding his bike, playing sports, watching TV and playing video games. Jermaine is passionate about participating in the cultural traditions of his Native heritage.



Daniel loves electronics! One of his all-time favorite outings is going to Fred Meyer and hanging out in the Electronics Department, which gives him a chance to explore! He quickly figures things out and displays a natural brilliance with technology. Daniel’s case manager describes him enthusiastically as an “amazing, amazing little boy!”

La’Veil and Leilani

La’Veil and Leilani are quite a team. Their relationship is the only consistency they have known, so they depend on one another. Their social worker is looking for a family that will value that strong connection and give them the opportunity to grow up together. 

Miracles Do Happen!

Featured kids: Aeirieck, Ahmaiya, Alex, Angelique, Ashton, Ben, Caleb, Chase, Christopher, Cody, Courtney, David, Eythan, Frank, George, Heather, Isaiah, Iyanla, Jaleo, Jason, Jeremiah, Jerimiah, Jocelyn, Joey, Johnny, Jonathan, Joseph, Kaleb, Katelynn, Katie, Kayla, Kenna, Krista, Leandra, Lorenzo, Malachi, Master, Matthew, Maya, Miguel, Mikah, Mathew, Najwa, Naomi, Nehemiah, Rebecca, Samara, Sarina, Sebastian, Shauwen, Tarvares, Terry, The'Ellis, Tia, Tony, Tor'Yana, Travelle, Trenton and Tylea have joined their adoptive families. Congratulations and best wishes to everyone! In all, more than 50 percent of the kids featured on A Family for Me have found adoptive homes.

Thank You!

Professional photography services for featured children are generously donated by Yuen Lui Studios. We would also like to acknowledge videography and editing services provided by Helen Green, Rich Green, Nathaniel Jackson and Eric Vaughn.

WACAP would like to thank the following organizations for recent donations and use of their locations: Cornerstone Studio, Edgeworks Climbing, Evergreen Speedway, FabLab Tacoma, Game On!, Island Lake (CRISTA camp), King's Books, LeMay -  American's Car Museum, Mary Bridge Children's Health Center, Museum and History and Industry, Next Step Archery, PAWS of Lynnwood, Pierce County Transit, Ryther, the Seattle Seahawks, Silvana's Dessert Academy, Spun Clay Arts Studio & Gallery, Tacoma Metal Arts Center, Teaching Books and Toys, Tinkertopia, Trampoline Nation, USS Turner Joy, Whirleyball Seattle, The Whole Horse Place and Yuen Lui Studios. Many more wonderful businesses and organizations have provided their venues since we began our A Family for Me program, allowing us to create videos for over 130 children.


May 5, 16

—Warm and caring, Alexzander has a contagious, infectious smile! With his bright blue eyes and red hair, Alex is a playful, extremely funny kiddo. Everyone who meets Alex, tends to.... Learn more

May 10, 16

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