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Daniel loves electronics! One of his all-time favorite outings is going to Fred Meyer and hanging out in the Electronics Department, which gives him a chance to explore! He quickly figures things out and displays a natural brilliance with technology. Daniel’s case manager describes him enthusiastically as an “amazing, amazing little boy!”
An active child, Daniel enjoys climbing trees and riding his bike outdoors as well as playing math-related games, board games and Minecraft indoors. He also likes to create and build with Legos. And when it comes to puzzles, the more pieces the better! Daniel is also a fan of playing soccer, basketball, and a few other team sports. Extremely bright and inquisitive, Daniel has a lively sense of curiosity and is a good reader.
A family that has a good understanding of how to support children with attention challenges and who have lots of energy (and sometimes an impulsive spirit) would be the best fit for Daniel. His case worker says parents who are not prone to an authoritative parenting style (and have the time to attentively sit down and rationally explain situations and responses) would be ideal. When Daniel understands directions, he follows them impeccably. Parenting this sensitive, but impassioned young man involves a lot of time and attentive effort, so it’s important that parent(s) have strong outlets to relax and rejuvenate.

Daniel does best in a small classroom with lots of supervision and coaching. He will continue to benefit from support academically and help with developing his social skills even more, while he also works on how to best respond to new situations. Lately, Daniel has really come out of his shell, laughing more and joking around! He enjoys making new friends, connecting with people, and sharing. Daniel’s case worker hopes to hear from warm, nurturing couples who have the desire to make a real difference in the life of a boy who longs to have a family that will stick by his side.  

To learn more about Daniel, watch his video clip.  

Destiny, Xzavier, and Dezeray

These fun-loving siblings need a safe, stable and caring forever family. For them, being together means competition, encouragement and laughter. They’re big on helping each other with homework and cutting loose with a little “Just Dance” on the Wii.
Big sister, Destiny, tends to keep to herself but she’s a good conversationalist. She is doing well in school and enjoys writing, as well as playing in the school band. Not surprisingly, this teen loves her cell phone and tablet. But she also takes the time to play sports with her brother and sing with her little sister.
Xzavier is a high-energy boy! He loves sports and being outside. He also likes to skate, bowl and play mini golf. Xzavier earns money by doing chores and is very good at saving. In school, math and science are his favorite subjects. He has a lot of friends and says, “Everyone loves a ginger!"

Dezeray is the most curious of the crew and loves to be involved with everything! She is very friendly and warms up to people quickly. She likes to cook and wants to learn how to sew. Dezeray loves watching movies and going bowling. And according to her brother and sister, she tries hard when she meets a challenge.
These three siblings enjoy learning and laughing together. Since they are also close to their older sister, their caseworker would like to hear from families in Washington state. 

To learn more about Destiny, Xzavier, and Dezeray, watch their video clip.

She’s a medical miracle. Due to her complex medical issues at birth, she was not expected to make it past infancy. But she’s still here fighting and surprising everyone at her resiliency. 

Those who know Darrianne — an intelligent, precocious, and outgoing girl — enjoy her sense of humor and her warm personality. Darrianne has many interests and among them, an affinity for cooking and helping out in the kitchen. She has talent and a love of art and creating jewelry. Also a pop and country music fan, she enjoys singing.

Despite needing to catch up to her peers after multiple surgeries, Darrianne has made every developmental milestone on time. She’s now in fourth grade and gets the extra help she needs due to time missed from school.

Not surprisingly, the most influential adults in Darrianne’s life are the nurses and other care providers who have known her over several years. Although the medical issues are primary, this young lady’s social workers would like her to have opportunity to be part of a family, with parents who will take the time to understand her emotional needs and allow her time to bond and build trust together. They would like her to have that sense of belonging and connection that comes from a loving, committed family.

The family adopting Darrianne will need to have the level of medical knowledge or experience to help her manage and stabilize her health issues on the home front as well as make sure she has all of the outside support and resources she needs. Because Darrianne is on the kidney transplant waiting list and is receiving hemodialysis, she must remain in the Greater Seattle area to have immediate access to Seattle Children's Hospital.
Photography by Christina Klas.

To learn more about Darrianne, watch her A Family for Me video clip. To see Darrianne having a great time to one of her favorite songs, watch this video. And to check out her cup stacking skills, watch this video!


Evan is a helpful, affectionate boy! He loves to give hugs and help around the house. His foster mom loves his silly laugh. Playing outdoors, riding his bike, jumping on the trampoline, and maneuvering his dump trucks and cars are among his favorite things to do. Evan tends to move from one activity to another, so he may quickly go from looking at books, to entertaining himself with Angry Birds, then on to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

At school, Evan’s teachers notice how much he wants to be a helper and how much he enjoys one-on-one attention. He is supported by an IEP and spends time in both a self-contained and a regular special education classroom. His academic and social skills are about 1-2 years behind his peers. Evan’s teacher states that, “He is desperate to be loved and to please – he would do anything I ask him to do and tries very hard for me.” 

Upon first meeting Evan, folks notice how sweet he is. They may also pick up on some of his delays and notice his speech. He can sit and carry on a conversation but may provide responses that aren’t related to what is actually being discussed. He really likes to talk though, and he asks lots of questions. 

Evan needs a family who understands how to nurture and support him, and provide him opportunities for challenge and success. Some of Evan’s specific challenges are related to understanding action and consequence combined with a high level of impulsivity. Evan’s team believes he would do best in a two-parent family because of the amount of redirection and supervision he needs, although single parents are welcome to inquire too! Any family configuration will need a strong support system. Evan loves one-on-one attention but would be okay with older kids who are able to understand why Evan struggles in certain areas. Evan is a sincere, fun-loving kid with a good heart.

To learn more about Evan, watch his video clip.


Evan enjoys outdoor activities like swimming, playing soccer and other sports. He also likes to create structures with Legos and focus on a good board game. He loves one-on-one time with the significant adults in his life, especially if they’re up for outdoor activities. 

This bright young man strives to be successful every day. Because he is a concrete thinker (and learner), giving him directions and information in very concrete ways, and avoiding nuance and subtlety, gives him an important sense of control and eases his tendency to get frustrated. Evan also responds extremely well when he has daily encouragement, praise, and lots of ‘attaboys’ for good behavior and a job well done. Clear and predictable routines are also a big help for him.

Evan engages positively with peers and adults, especially when he has a caring, patient, calm adult nearby to help him stay on track or to redirect him if he needs assistance. A good example of this is how much he enjoys assisting teachers with tasks whenever possible. Evan learns from experience, and it is really important that his parent(s) allow him extra time to process situations and give additional reminders about what is expected of him.

While Evan’s past academic performance has been described as “stellar,” to enjoy the success that he seeks, he must have parent(s) who will collaborate with his teachers and school in order to ensure that he has the behavioral supports that help him do well and lots of opportunities for academic growth. 

Having parent(s) who are strong role models for healthy interpersonal relationships will be important for Evan. Couples and single moms and dads who have experience with children who have a history of trauma, and who truly want to make a difference in this child’s life would be ideal. It is likely that Evan may continue to exhibit signs of traumatic stress until he is able to find a nurturing, permanent family who will open their hearts and home to him, and be fully supportive in the healing process. Evan's caseworker would like to hear from families with an approved homestudy and a home where he would be the only child or the youngest. 

To learn more about Evan, watch his video clip.

Photo by Helen Fong Photography


Ezra is an imaginative boy, who enjoys creating ‘inventions’ and building with Legos. Drawing, swimming, riding his bike and writing about cats are some of his other favorite things to do. He is fascinated with animals, and wants to learn all about them! Ezra is also a fan of Spider-Man and anything to do with Star Wars. 

A boy with a soft heart, Ezra appreciates hugs from the significant adults in his life and is appropriately affectionate in return. He is respectful to others and is an outgoing, funny and smart young teen who really enjoys making others laugh. He has several friends and does well in school. 

Ezra can appear younger than his age, due to his mild speech difficulties and language delays, but his cognitive abilities are solidly at his age level. He receives support to help with inattention, impulsivity, frustration and other special needs. Ezra does best when he has a calm, caring adult nearby to redirect him as needed.
Ezra’s social worker would like to hear from couples and single parents who have experience working with behavioral challenges. Of course, Ezra needs a very stable home environment that provides a consistent daily routine with attentive supervision, concrete expectations, and lots of calm, patient and kind parenting. Being strong advocates for educational and mental health will be an important aspect of meeting Ezra’s needs. Having a strong support system of family, friends and community resources will be a wonderful asset in helping Ezra’s parent(s) be committed to him now and in the future. 


Faith is a friendly, outgoing twelve-year-old. She feels right at home in the outdoors and is a big fan of camping, swimming and jumping on a trampoline. But she’s not just sporty, she’s expressive. Pink and purple are her favorite colors and she loves to sing and dance. 

Because Faith has often had to change schools, she is working to catch up on her academics. She needs a parent(s) who can be a strong advocate for her education and provide her with support and encouragement. Faith does well with structure, a predictable daily routine and clear rules. It would be helpful for her parents to have a good repertoire of behavioral tools and strategies. She will also benefits from having positive role models who demonstrate healthy relationships, boundaries and personal safety skills.
Being willing to participate with Faith in counseling will be an important way for her parent(s) to show their love and commitment to her. It would also demonstrate that they value using such resources to deal with past hurts and to move forward. Faith’s social worker would like to hear from couples or single moms. She also feels that Faith will do best as the only child or as the youngest. Faith is ready for adoption and ready to be part of a nurturing, committed family.

To learn more about Faith, watch her video clip.


Hunter is an incredibly happy child. He’s loving, sweet and affectionate. An adorable boy, Hunter wants to be right in the midst of whatever is going on with his foster family. He loves hugs, story time and singing. While he has lots of opinions, but his innocence is endearing. Swimming is his favorite activity and he is fascinated by alligators.

To say that Hunter has made amazing gains over the last 2 ½  years is a huge understatement. He has been soaring while in the care of his current foster family! When he first came into alternative care, he could not walk or talk and was fed through a G-tube. Now he navigates his current home beautifully with a basic front walker, he pushes his own wheelchair, feeds himself, and no longer has a G-tube. He eats all normal foods and has no restrictions.

Hunter continues to verbalize more, but currently relies on an iPad communication app to express himself.  But he is making such progress, he gets frustrated when he wants to say more than the talker can express. Hunter’s current caregivers say that he is now healthy and improving at great rates. Positive reinforcements, such as lots of clapping, hugs and cheers go a long way towards getting Hunter to try his hardest.

Medically, Hunter has been weaned off all medications and discharged from all clinics at a local children's hospital, with the exception of his rehab program. His treatment team routinely follows up on Hunter's muscle tone and other medical gains. Over the last 2.5 years he has not had any hospital stays or complications.

Hunter loves school and riding the school bus. He is entering the fifth grade and attends a self-contained classroom with an IEP. Hunter’s foster family adore him and say he provides a lot of love and laughter in their home.  They look forward to helping Hunter make a successful transition into his adoptive family and community.

Hunter’s social worker is looking forward to talking with couples and single moms and dads who have strong support from family, friends and community resources, and who will welcome the opportunity to help Hunter realize his full potential. Having kind, nurturing parents who will be strong advocates for his educational and developmental needs, and who will be his biggest cheerleaders, will help Hunter continue his amazing progress.

To learn more about Hunter, watch his video clip.


Isaiah is a happy, engaging boy with a good sense of humor. He enjoys reading, building with Legos, playing board games and collecting Yu Gi Oh cards. While he sometimes needs to be encouraged to be physically active, Isaiah really enjoys biking. He also likes playing outside with neighborhood kids, going to splash pad parks, walking trails and activities with the Boys and Girls Club.

Isaiah receives additional help at school and reads aloud to his foster parents every day. His reading and comprehension skills have improved significantly. He says his favorite subject is math.

Isaiah’s social worker is seeking a fun-loving, two-parent family that will provide experiences for growth and laughter to this darling boy. His adoptive parents should have a good grasp of how trauma and neglect can impact a child’s sense of safety and well-being. They need to be united in their parenting, with patience, caring and nurturing.  They also need to be  willing to provide the structure and consistency that helps Isaiah feel safe and secure. Parenting with lots of praise and encouragement, to continue to help him build his self-esteem, will be critical too. Being strong educational advocates will be especially important in helping Isaiah succeed in the classroom.

Isaiah would do well as an only child or as the youngest with an older sibling who can be a good role model. Isaiah would like to stay in contact with his younger sister, who is placed with a pre-adoptive family. His birth grandmother would like to continue to have contact with him as well.

To learn more about Isaiah, watch his video clip.


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