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Extra Adoption Grants Now Available!


At WACAP, we know that there are families out there who would move forward with adoption if the costs weren’t so high. More than being just “qualified” to adopt a child, these families are also uniquely capable of loving, nurturing, protecting and meeting the needs of a child. But that initial hurdle of adoption costs discourages many from the process.

With this in mind, we are delighted to report that recent donations to WACAP are helping us make an even bigger impact … and bring more children home. If you, or someone you know, has thought about adoption but didn’t pursue it because of cost, I encourage you to take a look at our waiting child page.

Many of our children are regularly assigned grants that will reduce the costs of adoption for families. With these recent donations, even more grant dollars have been assigned to specific children. (On the waiting child page, look for a designation in red that says “Extra Grant Assistance.”)

Past News

WACAP Adds New Support Resources For Adoptive Families


WACAP has launched new support group meetings in western Washington - in Marysville and Steilacoom - which will begin in October. These will expand WACAP's offerings beyond the already-popular, adoptive parent support group held at it's Renton headquarters. For dates, time and location information, please click HERE

Additionally, WACAP has launched a private, moderated support group for adoptive parents across the U.S. via Facebook. The purpose of this closed group is to provide a safe place for adoptive parents to find support and resources. Parenting can be tough…and those who have adopted children know that it can bring some unique challenges. WACAP intends this group to be a chance for all members/readers to post their concerns and questions as well as respond to others in a judgment-free environment. WACAP Adoption Counselor, Zia Freeman, will moderate and respond to most posts - especially if there are questions. WACAP asks that families not use this site for family photos or waiting family/travel updates, but for real issues and resources regarding the children already adopted into their families. If you have resources or ideas that have helped your family solve some issues, please post. If you are seeking advice or ideas from others, feel free to post a question! To join the group, please click HERE

Justice for boy in Russian Adoption case


The American woman who sent her 7-year-old adopted Russian son back to Moscow in April 2010 has been ordered by a Tennessee judge to pay child support. A suit was filed against Torry Hansen for breach of contract and child support when it was determined that local authorities would not be filing charges against her.

WACAP President & CEO, Lillian Thogersen, served as a witness during the trial and was in the courtroom for Thursday’s verdict.

“We are satisfied that this ruling finally offers some justice for this boy,” she says.

“WACAP believes that every child deserves a loving family. International adoption is a solution for orphans who have not been adopted by members of their birth family, but adopting a child means a lifelong commitment to a child. Adoptive parents have the same rights and responsibilities as they would to a child born to them. WACAP remains available to assist adoptive parents during difficult times. Sending a child alone on an international flight back to their birth country is not an option for any parent. Today's court action reinforces that families who experience difficulties must contact their agency, local social services or other resources rather than abandoning their child.”

Hansen has been ordered to pay child support and for medical and care expenses the boy has incurred in Russia over the past two years. While the child now lives in Russia, he is still an American citizen and under Tennessee law Hansen is still legally considered to be his mother.

The child has been living for the past few months in a group care facility outside of Moscow. While technically an orphanage, this facility provides a family environment to children who have little chance of being adopted. Children range in age from 7 to 16 and are watched over by a woman who also serves as their teacher.

Read the press release from the National Council for Adoption (NCFA) HERE

WACAP Named 2012 Evergreen Award Winner


WACAP has been awarded the 2012 Evergreen Award by the Alliance for Nonprofits Washington.

The Evergreen Award annually recognizes one organization that has given its time and resources to make the nonprofit sector a strong and impactful one within Washington state. A task force of nonprofit leaders judges each of the nominees and selected WACAP based on the organization’s contribution to the community.

Through A Family for Me — the only program of its kind in the region — WACAP has built partnerships with a diverse group of public and private entities as well as community businesses and volunteers, all united by the common goal of helping find loving homes for children waiting in state care. Over the past six years, WACAP’s “A Family for Me” has provided individualized family recruitment services to 241 local foster children waiting for adoption, with 72 percent of these children joining permanent families.

WACAP CEO Lillian Thogersen is mindful that WACAP has experienced firsthand what empirical studies consistently find.

“The permanency that adoption offers can reduce teen pregnancy, homelessness, addiction, criminal behavior and suicide, all of which are much more common for children raised in foster care,” she says.

The Evergreen Award will be presented during the 18th Annual Washington State Nonprofit Conference at the Meydenbauer Center on May 11.

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“We were (and are) extremely happy with WACAP and have recommended you to everyone who will listen.” ~ Sharee

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