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Once your home study has been approved, WACAP encourages all families to continue their training by attending additional webinars, in-person classes, or support groups prior to being placed with their child.

These classes can focus on adoptive parenting, or parenting in general. They do not have to be a certain number of hours and only one parent needs to take each class (although we encourage both parents to participate). The classes and webinars can be found through WACAP’s website, your home study agency, online, or in your community. Some recommended web sites besides WACAP include,, and

The list below is a schedule of the classes offered at our Seattle office. Most classes are free. They're held at our Renton office (315 S 2nd St, 98057), except as noted. Pre-registration is required.

For those families who are adopting a child age 3 or older through our US Kids program and live within 50 miles of WACAP’s Renton office, we require that you attend three support group meetings prior to placement; one of the meetings must be attended before approval of your home study.

No Classes Scheduled at this time. Enjoy your summer!

***Adoption Support Groups***

Adopting Toddlers to Teens: Support and Solutions Group

This free group offers supportive listening and positive tips about parenting older adopted children. You’re welcome to attend both before as well as after your child arrives home. Contact Zia Freeman at or 206.356.1005 for more information.

2017 Dates

  • January 22 – 3-5 pm
  • February 19 - 3-5 pm
  • March 12 - 3-5 pm
  • April 23-  4-6 pm
  • May 21 - 4-6 pm
  • June 11 - 4-6 pm
  • July 16 - 4-6 pm
  • August 27 - 4-6 pm
  • September 18 - 4-6 pm
  • October 15 - 3-5 pm
  • November 19 - 3-5 pm
  • December 10 - 3-5 pm

*Facebook Support Group*

Please check out our private, moderated Facebook group, which offers advice and support for families nationwide who have adopted a child.

To learn more about the importance of these family resources, please visit our blog post: When Families Need Support.


Feb 7, 17

—While Tre-Lyn is nonverbal, he makes different sounds to connect with others. He loves to be cuddled and is very responsive to.... Learn more

“I have found that WACAP contacts I've had via phone and e-mail provide excellent and timely response.” ~ Rhonda Piccolo

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