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WACAP offers many different adoption programs, so regardless of your specific situation, there is likely to be at least one program that is a good fit for your family. Choosing an agency with a long history like WACAP’s assures you many options – along with a staff that has the experience and knowledge to address any type of situation that may arise during your adoption process.

"WACAP was recommended to us by another agency which had heard positive things about WACAP from other adoptive parents."
- Rosemary

Researching Adoption Agencies 

Ultimately, the research you do when selecting an adoption agency is very important. It is imperative that you ask many questions and get answers that you feel comfortable with. Any agency you talk with should be willing to answer your questions openly and with transparency. After all, this is a life-changing decision for you and for the child - or children- you hope to adopt! One easy way to compare all of WACAP's adoption programs side by side is to download our Programs at a Glance sheet.

Check out our Success Stories for some personal testimony from WACAP families. If you don’t know anyone personally that has adopted, feel free to ask any agency you are considering to provide some references. Ask those families what they liked and didn’t like about their adoption process. Make sure every agency you talk to is accredited, experienced, and committed to maintaining high ethical standards in adoption.

Finally, you need to feel that you can trust the agency you choose. You are investing your money and even more importantly - your emotions - in pursuing your dream of adoption, so you need to feel a level of comfort with the people you will be working with throughout the process. Our adoption application is available online for downloading at your convenience. At WACAP, many of us are adoptive parents ourselves, and we are honored that you would consider us to help you with one of the most important events of your family’s life!


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“We continue to be so pleased with the professionalism and attentive work ethic at WACAP.” ~ Emily

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